Pastor Lazarus: The Hour Has Come For The True Worshippers

Text: Mathew 24:7-14, Mark 1:15, John 4:22-24

Topic: The Hour Has Come For The True Worshippers

Everyone should know that their is no more time and the coming of Jesus is at hand. All the prophesies concerning the coming of Jesus is being fulfilled in our eyes every day. The world is filled with all sorts of wickedness. The unfortunate thing is that many who claim to be Christians are also entangled by the evil. Math 24:15. The Bible warned that in this time of evil, we ought to stand in the holy place or foundation, no matter the situation or condition, we must remain faithful till the end. Math 24:33-42. On thong that is certain is that world activities will continue, but what God has said concerning the end Times must surely come to pass. It will not wait for you. Take a look back on the time of Noah; it was told Noah what would come to pass and it happened. When Noah entered the ark, the door was shot and God reigned down His wrath upon the sinners and they were destroyed.

Noah made it because he was righteous. We must understand that if we are to make heaven, we must be holy.  Habakuk 1:13. God is looking for the true worshippers, who we worship him in truth and in spirit. I Peter 2:9-10. It is a privilege to be a Chosen. Chosen by God to make heaven, for we are the choice of God

1. Present Situation, reasons and the fathers choice

Even though we are to go about our business or make ends meet, we must ensure we keep to God's way 2 Tim 4:10. Demas in the Bible forsook God's way because he was entangled by the affairs of life. We must not be like Demas who forsook the Lord. We should note that evil and all kind of sin abound everywhere. Struggling to make it in life is a trap by the devil to ensnare you in his trap. This is not the time to struggle like the unbelievers, but rather we must be mindful of heaven at all time knowing fully well that the time is ripe. Never you allow yourself to be deceived, for many is being deceived. We are in a terrible time and every believer must be watchful and cautious of his or her own way of life. 

Their is no second chance, this is the chance you have as a Christian to prepare the way of the Lord. Trying to make it in life has made many believers to join the wagon of corruption. Many serve God in their own way. They serve God in iniquity...doing what pleases them rather than what pleases God. Your way is not the standard, but the Bible is the standard. The Bible says, "heaven and earth will pass away, but my word shall not pass away." you can't go to heaven in iniquity, that is impossible. It is by holiness in Christ Jesus. 

Children of God are not sinners. A sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a sinner. God says, we must be holy because He is holy. Therefore, making heaven is true holiness. God does not accept that people should worship Him in sin. Rather He seek for those who worships Him in truth and in spirit; people that fear God and leave right, people that has departed from evil. John 4:21-24. God is looking for those who are truly converted, not convicted or convinced. These are those who are obedient to His word. God to so many churches today, you will see them clapping hands, dancing and worshipping God but how many of them are living right, and truly born again? God seeks those who are living in true holiness in secret and in open. 1 Peter 1:15-16. For those people who are holy, when they pray and worship God, God will be glorified. This is what God is looking for. Hebrew 12:14. Let everyone of us make our mind that we must live our lives for God in obedience to His Word. The choice of God is the Chosen. God has Chosen us as a peculiar people, a royal priest hood, a special people. It is a special privilege. Therefore, we must not allow any compromise at all. 

2. Our expected response and the benefit

Every member of Chosen must not join the world. We must escape and go far away from the world. We must show the difference between a Christian and unbelievers (worldly people). Genesis 19:17. Lots was commanded by the Lord to run away from Sodom and Gomorrah and go far into the mountain. But lots made his own choice and he suffered it. We as Chosen people must as well separate ourselves from the people of the world and their ways of life. Because of you mingle with them, you will be consumed by their lifestyle and you would be influence by them. Then you will find it difficult to live a holy life. You will not find any reason to fear God rather you will be filled with compromise with the world. 1 John 2:15-17. If you are truly a Christian, the things of the world will never give you joy. Whatever you have, handle it with a light hand. Naked we came into the world and naked we shall leave the world. Take for example beautiful houses and cars of old, where are they today? Their beauty and glory had faded. Likewise the things of the world will pass away. 

In marriage as a believer, never you marry unbelievers. When you discover that the person you want to marry is an unbeliever, walk away from marrying such a person. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. When join yourself with the unbelievers, they will influence you negatively against God's Word. Always stand your ground as a child of God. You don't need to hide it. 2 Timothy 2:19-20. When their is sin in you, your prayers and worship to God will not be accepted. Therefore make up your mind that henceforth, you will keep yourself away from evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22-23. Let's make sure we obey Him and the grace of God will be giving to us in Jesus name. Mathew 5:8,48. If you maintain purity, even in your prayers God will answer you. We must as well maintain peace with all men and holiness with God. When we do, God will delight in us and heaven will be our portion in Jesus name. Leviticus 11:44-45. When you go into sin, it cripples your life and soul. But when you obey God, your prayers and worship will be accepted. God is looking for such people. As many who are true worshippers, God will dwell with you and your tears and sorrows shall be wiped away at the end of this life in Jesus name. Revelation 21:3-7

We should know that our Lord Jesus is coming and we must prepare in holiness. Ephesians 5:27. We must make sure our garment is not defiled, but pure in white. Mathew 24
Mathew 25:34. 

From Pastor Lazarus Muoka 


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