The Story Of A Little Girl Whose Throat Was Slit Open By Ritual Killers, But Came Back To Life After One Day In The Grave

I am brother Kingsley Ike, coming from Akwa Ibom State. The testimony I a about to share with us, pertains to a young girl child, who was kidnapped from her home, by ritual killers sometime ago. Meanwhile, her family just joined The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement a month before that incident, precisely in the month of April, 2017 whole this incident took place in the month of May.

This testimony was first given during the Umuahia crusade. I went to that Umuahia crusade with just her photograph because at that time, the child was still recuperating in the hospital after her rescue by the God of Chosen. Today however she is with us live, so you see and know that our God is alive and He is still working wonders as of old.

Like I said, this young child was taken away from her home that night, by ritual killers and taken into the bush, where her throat was slit open. She was given very deep cuts. The marks are visible all over her body. After pouring her blood for rituals, they dug a grave and buried her lifeless body in it, and went their way.

But this great God of Chosen! The God of my pastor, even the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God that remaineth the same forever, thundered from heaven and called out the name of the young child and said, "Edidio, rise up! Rise up!! And from the pit where she was buried, she came out alive and began to walk to nowhere in particular. Meanwhile, as she was walking, the voice of God kept directing her. She got to a point, where there were people.

When the people saw her, they were startled and believing that she was an alien (an evil child), they began to shout at her, and commanded her to return to where she was coming from. She turned and walked back towards the grave. On getting there, she discovered that the grave had been covered. So, she sat on it instead. The voice called out her name the second time, and told her to leave there immediately, or else the evil men might return to finish her. It was at this point she left again, and was found.

Everyday, histories ate been written in the Lord's Chosen. Today, the story of Lazarus of the Bible days, has been reenacted in The Lord's Chosen. Already, this young child had been killed and never to live again. However, the God of Chosen said, "No, she will live."

The hospital where she was taken to for treatment after her rescue was thrown into a state of fear, panic and confusion. Even up till this moment, as we speak, they have not come out of their state of bewilderment. When we visited her in that hospital the next day, the hospital staff were saying that the survival of the baby was a mystery. There, they gathered, knelt down before us and requested that we pray for them. They were looking at us as people from another planet.

The young child's father, brother Monday Udoru, took over the microphone and began to give his account of the incident:

Praise the Lord! Really, I am very happy to be a Chosen. This my daughter here, was lost but found. She was dead, but alive today, courtesy the God of Chosen. I am very grateful. 

It was around one O'clock in the morning that fateful day, sometime in the month of May that the evil people, two men came into our home and snatched my baby away from me. 

By eight O'clock in the morning, after we had ended our fruitless search for her, we reported the matter to our Chosen branch church over there. I hadn't the courage and the ability to go there myself. It was my wife who went to the church to make he report. When the matter was reported, the church encouraged and assured us that the child would be found. 

When she was found, we saw how they cut her body almost in pieces. There were machete cuts on her neck, mouth, hand and other part of her body. She appeared very dirty, with blood dripping from those cuts. Her body was filled with dust. The very hospital she was taken to, witnessed all these, and can attest to what we have said. My daughter was a fearful and a horrible sight to behold. Nonetheless, we give all thanks to the God of Chosen because she is alive and with us today. 

On interrogation, she told us that a voice called her, "Edi, come out from that grave." it was just a voice. She told us that she didn't know how she managed to come out of the grave. When she came out from the pit, according to her, she began to roam about the about, and everywhere was so strange to her. Therefore, she returned to enter into the grave the second time. However, by the time she went back, she found out that the grave had been covered and she sat on it. She said, while she was there, the voice came again and said to her, "Go! Don't you know that if they should come back and find you here, they will kill you?"

It was at this point that she stood up again and began to walk out. She said that the environment this time became more familiar. It was like the area where I have a farm and used to to take her along. She was able to recognize the tracks. 

She told us that she continued to walk out of the bush, she got to where she met some people, and a dog saw and rushed to her to leak the blood that was dripping from her wounds. At this point, however, the owners of the dog came out and recalled the dog back. She told us that some people at this time also, got hold of stick and began to chase her, calling her, "witch child, evil child. Go back, go and die."finally, she was found and rescued to the glory of God for God has designed it to be so; that she will not die. It was a mystery and great miracle only the God of Chosen can do this. 

Frankly speaking, I lack words with which to use to appreciate the God of Chosen, for this great thing, which He has done in my life. May His Holy name be exalted in Jesus name. 

The God of Chosen is so great!!! I pray for my daddy in the LORD, God will fortify him, everyday of his life. I pray for more anointing and power. Same goes to our mummy in the Lord, I pray for them and their family members, every Chosen member and their families also heaven at last in Jesus' name. 

Pastor Kingsley Ike
From Akwa Ibom 


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