Interview with bro. Omale Hezekiah who had an encounter with ritual killers

In recent times, many Chosen people have had brushes with death, but God had delivered them from all of them. Of course, the Bible says, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all." Psalm 34:19 KJV

The scriptures had already foretold such events.

"Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." Matthew 24:9 KJV

In line with the above scriptures, ritual killers and abductors had engaged in the wicked act to deliver a Chosen up to be afflicted and to be killed. But the great God of Chosen delivered him according to His promises and covenant of protection upon the Chosen ones. Below are excerpts of brother Omale Hezekiah's experience in the hands these satanic agents. Read and be blessed:

TCNM: Please, kindly introduce yourself to the reading of our audience

Bro. Omale: I am brother Omale Hezekiah and I hail from Ugwuokpoka, Benue State. I joined the Lords Chosen in the year 2011. Prior to this time, my wife and I were fellowshipping with one of the foremost pentecostal churches around when suddenly my wife left to join the Lord's Chosen branch there in my neighborhood.

TCNM: Oh, you are welcome. Now we would like you to take us back to your testimony, just for our records and the benefit of our ardent readers. What was your testimony all about?

Bro. Omale: My testimony is based on the spectacular show of power, which the God of the Chosen exhibited to save my life, from the hands of murderous and callous men of the underworld; a group of ritual killers, who abducted me precisely on the 26th of March, 2015, being a Sunday.

TCNM: You were abducted you said?

Bro. Omale: Yes, they did.

TCNM: Please, go ahead and tell us about it?

Bro. Omale: I left my branch church in Benue State that fateful day, after church service to return home. On getting home, I received a phone call from my intercessory leader that I should come over to his house, which I did. After our meeting, I left so as to meet our house care fellowship. When I got in front of my house, I saw a jeep car. I wondered what the occupants could be searching for. Very close is the office of the power distribution company. So, I felt maybe they were searching for their office. However, I continued moving to my apartment. The suddenly, someone in the jeep car beckoned on me to come. I didn't suspect any foul play. So, I went close without any reservation. To my greatest surprise, they flashed what appeared like police identification cards to me and told me that they were from the state Investigation Bureau (S. I. D) thereafter, they declared that I was under arrest. Quietly, I entered the jeep confidently, knowing that the God of Chosen is with me.

TCNM: Did disclose to you the reason for the arrest?

Bro. Omale: No, they did not! However, I thought within me that the reason they came after could as a result of the misunderstanding that I was having with you people in my village. A lot of my people in the village has been against me because of the gospel I preach everyday there. They have been trying to blackmail me; claiming that I had constituted nuisance to them, had also destroyed their shrines. They also accused me of trying to use my mother for making ritual. All they want to achieve was to destroy my relationship with my mother but, it didn't work. 

After I had entered the car they zoomed off. I thought that they were taking e to the State Security. When however we got to a junction called Gbokolo, they diverted to Enugu road, which showed that they were not after all, taking me to the State Security as they had said and as I had believed.

TCNM: What came into your mind when you saw the diversion?

Bro. Omale: I was moved to ask, 'but, you said you are from Makurdi SIB, Why then are you taking me through this route? They responded,   'we wanted to arrest some other person at Obolor-afor.' Obolor-afor is a boundary town between Enugu and Benue State. However, on reaching Obolor-afor, they sped past. It was at this juncture it dawned on me that they were after all satanic machineries.

TCNM: What was your reaction, when this reality hit you?

Bro. Omale: when I realized this, I kept mute and decided not to challenge them because of the confidence I repose in my God; the God of Chosen, the God of my pastor that never fails, always ready for action.

TCNM: I can see that. But, did you try to declare who you ate at this time? That is, that you are a Chosen, according to the injunction of the General Overseer of the Lord's Chosen, which obviously could have put them on check point?

Bro. Omale: No, I did not. But when we were about to get to the Enugu main town, they blindfolded me; yet I was still full of confidence.

TCNM: You did not struggle? You did not shout?

Bro. Omale: I did none of the above because I knew I had my God with me. He has never left us alone. After one hour drive, they stopped the vehicle and led me by the hand, into a very big hall which I saw when we got in. It was on a hilly plane. And there were houses there with people.

TCNM: You didn't say anything?

Bro. Omale: No, I was only waiting to see what they have up their sleeves.


Bro. Omale: So, when we got in there, and while still standing at a place, they said to me, '**we are going to give you two options to chose from. It is either you chose a new religion or go back to the catholic church'**.

TCNM: Unbelievable! They said that to you?

Bro. Omale: yes, they did!

TCNM: What did they mean by that? I mean, did they tell you the reason they gave those options, and your response?

Bro. Omale: I did not know, for they were not clear about it. However, when they said that, I made it clear to the that I was not going to chose either of those options.

TCNM: What was their reaction when you responded thus?

Bro. Omale: 'hence you refuse to chose any of our options, we will kill you.'

TCNM: And?

Bro. Omale: I boldly and confidently assured them that they were incapable of actualising that threat. And they replied, 'can't you see that you are alone here?' meaning that I has no one there to save or defend me from them. Again, I said to them, 'you cannot kill me because I am a Chosen.'

TCNM: How did they react to this?

Bro. Omale: immediately, I said this, they began to Summersault. When they stopped tumbling, they stood up and asked, 'what is your name?' I responded, 'I am a Chosen.' when I responded thus, they Summersault again severally. And when they recovered, they said, 'no matter what you do, we are not going to let you go.' From then on, they began to take me from one room to another. While in any of those rooms, they would attempt to kill me and when they failed, they would take even another room. This continued until finally, they took me into their shrine - the room where their god which they called Buddha was stationed. There, they were praising their god, calling it 'Buddha and urged it, take over now, a very stubborn man is coming.'

They opened the door of the shrine and there, I saw a very high and mighty alter and light was rotating on the chest of the Buddha. I pointed my finger directly on the eyes of the Buddha and said, 'in the name of Jesus, I command you to catch fire.' And forthwith, the light on its chest went off for a while and then, the Buddha Summersault itself severally. And as it was summersaulting, it started falling and breaking other gods around it in pieces. It finally landed on the floor and was shattered. Immediately, their boss in Lagos appeared there. I don't know whether the summoned him or he came on his own.

When he came in, he began to rebuke them, saying to them, 'you are not spiritual. Why did you bring this kind of person here? Can't you see the kind of weapon that he has; does anyone of you have such weaponry? Why did you bring a whole armoury here, to destroy our temple?' He came close to where I was, knelt down and began to plead saying, 'please, I am sorry; I didn't know that you are the one.' he asked me to go, still saying that he was sorry.

TCNM: Did you take your leave immediately as he urged you?

Bro. Omale: No! I didn't leave immediately because of what I saw there on the ground. When I looked around the corner there, I saw some dead pregnant women whom they had slaughtered - about eight of them, except one that was still alive. I told them that I couldn't go, 'what about the woman that was still alive? I couldn't go without her.' A woman among them said to me, 'that is not your business.' However, I insisted that I would not leave except they released her to go with me. Their boss said, 'now, how can we win the election now that our temple has been destroyed? How are we going to get more pregnant women  for the sacrifices? He was just saying this rhetorically, not seeking for response from anyone in particular.

Their boss came to me again, knelt down and begged me to leave. The only woman among them was still insisting that I would not go with the only remaining pregnant woman. The male children among the children they brought out from the dead pregnant women, they kept in aluminum and the female they kept in a rubber basin and pound them in mortar.

At this point, I went to sat on the head of the fallen Buddha. Then their boss told them that they had no other option than to allow me have my way since their god, Buddha has been destroyed. Then they released the woman to go with me. Before the woman left, I said to her, "woman, you have seen what the God of Chosen can do. I advised her to locate a branch of The Lord's Chosen in her vicinity and join. And she left.

When she left and about forty minutes, they called me to come so they could drop me off. I entered the same jeep that took me there and they dropped me at the ninth mile. As they dropped me, they gave me a bundle of new one thousand Naira notes. Just at that moment, I received a ministration not to touch the money for it was a blood money.

TCNM: What was their reaction when you refused it?

Bro. Omale: they shook their heads and drove off, and I started trekking because I had no money on me. As I was walking, I saw a group of armed forces patrol team, which comprised the police, the army and the air force patrol. They zoomed passed me, turned back, came to me and asked me, 'Mr man, where are you going? I told them that, I was going to Ugbokolo, a town before my village in Benue. They picked me up and dropped me at Ogbulafor and I began to trek again, and later, I saw another pick up, stopped it, they gave me a lift and dropped me at Otukpo town. There, I slept over at one of our church members house. The next day, he helped to transport me back home.

Before I left, they returned my belongings, which they had already taking from me and there were several missed calls; some coming from one of my brethren, whom I left his house that evening to my house before the evil men took me away.

Isaiah 41:9-13 KJV
"Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away. [10] Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. [11] Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish. [12] Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought. [13] For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee."

Psalm 37:39-40 KJV
"But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord : he is their strength in the time of trouble. [40] And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him."

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