He Was 16 Years Old When He Joined A Cult Gang, Armed robbery, Slept In Coffin For 7 Days Against Bullets And Weapons But Jesus Arrested Him In Chosen.

His testimony was amazing and very powerful. It is able to change the lives of those who are like him as well. Thousand were captivated by his testimony when he was given a narrative of his old and now new life. We thought Jesus has finished doing good to sinners, but we got it all wrong, He is still saving souls. So long that Jesus has not come, salvation from the Lord continues....He is still searching for terrible sinners from all over the world but I pray he finds you and you find Him before it is too late.

His name is brother Prince Samuel, from port Harcourt, Nigeria. He said he finished his secondary school at age 16 after which he joined a cult gang. Then he was trained on how to make use of the gun for like a year, from their he was engaged in armed robbery activities.

At 16 years old to about 20 years, he became a gang leader, controlling and leading people of age 20+ and above. Him and his gang were involved in so many robbery and evil deeds. In the process many of his gangs were shot dead in a cross fire with security agents but, he survived.

He went ahead to fortify himself against any bullet and weapons, with the help of an occult grand master, he slept in the coffin for seven days. He found himself in India, he was fortified for the seven days and was sent back to the coffin.

Click here to watch and listen to his  testimony. For it is better you listen to him directly to prove to you what the God of the chosen can do. 


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