Globacom Offering 24hrs Free Data Day For Her Curstomers

It is happening again from Glo, the King of data in Nigeria. Glo has done a lot, to be Frank with you. Whether you are a glo customer or not, their is know doubt that the Nigerian network has done a lot in making Internet life more easier for the common man. If not for glo many us wouldn't spend time on the Interne

This free day data from glo is so amazing. I thought it was a joke. I was just relaxing in my house and listening to morning news and all of a sudden what I got on my phone was an sms from the Globacom network that on the 11th of August has been made a free data day. Are you surprised?
This means, you and I as glo customer can browse and download for free on the 11th of August, 2017 non stop. 

How To Qualify 

*Use 100Mb data + 150 voice call beginning from the 4th of August to 10th and qualify for the free data day. 

*Or Alternatively, just use at least N250 Voice call from 4th to 10th of August, 2017 then you are good to go on the 11th. 

Guys, am already waiting for that day. I have 2 glo line and I will use both to download as much as I can. Can't just wait. 

Hope you are ready? Please share with friends. 

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