Thousands of Jordanians protest against gas deal with Israel

Thousands of people have staged a demonstration in Jordan to express their resentment over the government’s decision to sign a multi-billion-dollar gas deal with Israel.

The protesters gathered in front of Grand al-Husseini Mosque, also known as King Hussein Mosque, in downtown Amman following Friday prayers, and carried signs reading “The Enemy's Gas is Occupation” and “No to the Shameful Deal” in Arabic.

The participants in the demonstration, organized at the invitation of parties and groupings from across Jordan’s political spectrum as well as trade unions, argued that the 10-billion-dollar gas deal struck this week by the government-owned electricity company to buy Israeli-supplied natural gas runs contrary to Jordan’s national interests, calling for its immediate abolition.

“There are Jordanians of all backgrounds and factions here. We are not all part of a party or political group; we instead represent all the sons of Jordan, who refuse this deal. Our message, which we state clearly, is that this deal does not represent the Jordanian people. We will not allow it to continue. We will hold accountable whoever signed this deal,” the deputy chief of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Action Front, Ali Abu Sukkar, said.

A protester, identified as Salma Nims, also said, “We are asking the government to stop this deal... We believe that the government has other alternatives for energy resources and there is no excuse to have any economic deals with the occupation (Israel).” Read more

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