Get your Glo Sim Upgraded To 4G LTE Network Service And Enjoy The Speed

The moment we have been waiting for has come. This the time for all GLO subscribers who has been yearning for their network carrier to do something. 

All is set now for the GLO 4G LTE Network service. Globacom has kick started the new 4G LTE service already. At the time when other network were busy trying to roll out theirs, we never knew was busy cooking out something amazing. 

As MTN 4G LTE was rolled of recent, Globacom as well followed suit. SMS is been sent to her customers to go any of the Globacom outlets to upgrade to the new GLO 4G LTE Network service. Hope you got your SMS from GLO? Below is mine and what its reads:

"Your beloved network has become the first to launch 4G LTE service nationwide in Nigeria with the fastest data speeds. To upgrade to 4G LTE, visit a Glo World or Glo Dealer outlet. To know more or to buy a LTE data plan, dial *777#."

It seems that GLO LTE seems to be the cheapest on the 4G LTE data plans. Just dial *777# and you will see the Glo 4G data plans. Below is the list of the new GLO LTE Data Plans and their respective prices.



Let's try it and see how it goes. Any of the network that I see is fastest, that's the one I will go for. Remember that your phone must be compatible before the Glo 4G LTE will work for you. Thus, your smartphone must be 4G Network service. 

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