Former Catholic Member At age 113 Years Surrendered To Jesus Christ In Chosen

God is working out His salvation in the life of so many in this generation whether they are old or young, salvation is for all and non is exempted no matter your religion or status. 

The story you are about to read is about an old man of 113 years who was a former Catholic but, after being invited for a programme in a Bible believing church, heard the undiluted word and gave his life to Jesus christ. He destroyed all his Catholic materials and now caused revival in his community by preaching the gospel. Read and be blessed! 

During the Mgbidi 2013 crusade, he shared a heart-rending testimony which caused many people to shed tears of joy and caused others in his community to repent and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. In an era when there has been a decline in longevity as a result of sin and ungodliness and low standard of living occasioned by economic meltdown, a man the age of Pa Benedict even at age one hundred and sixteen years lives and powers on.

The testimony of Pa Benedict Ayogu from Amube, Enugu-Ezike in Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria is a story that really showcases the God of Chosen as the Mighty in battle. His story has similarities with that of Queen Esther in the bible in which case she dared her adversaries and declared in the process, “If I perish, I perish.

Again during the just concluded Mgbidi 2014 crusade, Pa (Bro.) Benedict returned with another fantastic testimony of the Lord’s doing in his life and family. While leaving Mgbidi in 2013, he had vowed to God that if He would bring him back alive, he would testify again. And the Lord hearkened unto that prayer.

This time around, he came with his entire family consisting of his children, grand children, sons and daughters’ in-law and great grandchild. Incidentally every member of papa’s family is a Chosen – sons and daughters’ in-laws, mothers and father in-laws, children and grandchildren. Every one of them is a Chosen. His family is most likely to be the largest Chosen family consisting of himself, his wife (Mummy Franca), his eight children, thirty four grandchildren and a grandchild.

Papa was born in the year 1898. His date of birth was corroborated by his children. He got married at the age of fifty six years of age. Initially, he did not plan to get married. He had wanted to become a reverend father. It was only when he could not get his father to consent to this decision that he began to think of marriage. Then he had become a bit ‘old’ to marry. His wife was between twelve and thirteen years then. She hails from Iheaka from the family of Odo Nworeshi. People saw her as having been married off to an old man and they made jest of her. His eldest child Ngozi was born in 1961 having stayed inside the womb for three years.

Papa served a man known as Moses Nweke from Coal Camp, Enugu. He was a butcher. Thereafter, he was trained as a shoe maker by an Hausa man known as Salhatu Dankano from Kano State. When he returned, he became a teacher under the missionaries and then a Catechist in 1972 until sickness halted him and he quit the job.

Papa worked as a civil servant before he retired in 1991. He also worked as a farmer in his village. Then he worked as a security officer at the Enugu State Ministry of Works. Since then, he was engaged in an endless battle to collect his entitlements and all efforts proved abortive. Consequently, in the year 2000 he stopped pursuing the money.

However, as he joined The Lord’s Chosen he presented the matter to the Great God of Chosen, the story changed. God raised one traditional monarch known as Igwe Tony Ojukwu (Igwe Ogui Nike in Enugu State) who insisted that papa’s money must be paid. By the grace of God, papa was invited to the pension office, and all his money was paid to him in full.

It may interest you to know that this miracle took place during just the second month after papa joined The Lord’s Chosen. That is to say, that he received his gratuity owed him for more than two decades when he was just two months old in The Lord’s Chosen. Then he used the money to erect a storey building in his country home and since then he has been collecting his pension every month.

His joining The Lord’s Chosen also broke the yoke in the lives of his children as they began to do well and experience breakthroughs in the areas of their endeavours.

Papa joined The Lord’s Chosen in the year 2010. Before then, he was a staunch member of an Orthodox church and a Catechist for many years. He desired to be a reverend father at the first place, but things did not work out as he planned. This made him not to marry early and God blessed him with ten children out of which are alive – three male and five female children.

Then in 2010, Papa fell sick and was admitted in the hospital. He was in coma for three days. When I came down from Enugu town to the hospital, I saw papa lifeless. I was wearing an apron of The Lord’s Chosen, titled, “Time for God to prove His power.” Then I removed the apron and wore it on papa and he received his healing instantly. Surprisingly, papa’s caused many patients in his ward to receive their own healing.

Papa was then discharged and we went home. The next Sunday, he woke up around six o’clock in the morning and declared himself a Chosen. He said that he wanted to prepare for church service and we obliged him. That was how papa became a Chosen and since then, he had been attending The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.

Thereafter, he gathered all the graven images and chaplets he had and burnt them. After that he started seeing strange apparitions. The evil spirit known as the queen of heaven started appearing to him and telling him to return her remaining property in his possession. Any time the spirit shows up, papa would start declaring that he is a Chosen, but the spirit continued to appear. He was really bothered what the said property the apparition was demanding for could be. He started searching everywhere frantically until he found out that there was another chaplet under his pillow. Then he brought it out and burnt it to ashes. That was how the wicked evil spirit stopped appearing to him and he got his total freedom. He is thanking the God of Chosen for that great deliverance.

When Pa (Bro.) Benedict Ayogu took what appeared to be the most important decision to become a Chosen in a predominantly Orthodox community stretching to as far back as one generation, his relatives and kinsmen ostracized him. His relatives and near kinsmen saw it as an affront on their religion and then decided to part ways with him prompting him to declare, “So be it.

Being the oldest man in both his village and community and perhaps seen as a custodian of his people’s long held culture of religion and traditional practices, he was expected to give priority attention to tradition. This did not go down well with them, hence; the ostracism. Before his coronation as the “Onyeishi” (Head) in his community, he had become the “Ayogu-Ede (Eldest man in Ayogu-Ede family) in 1987. Later, he was coronated as the eldest in “Umu Abugu-Aba family as well as the Eze-Owo in Umu-eze family.

The staff of office of the Onyeishi is the bull’s tail which Pa Ayogu vehemently rejected and instead uses his bible as the staff of office. Instead of the usual celebration of drinking and masquerade dancing, he hosted a crusade in his compound in which he invited the Chosen people. As a result many had given him one month to die, but that was not to be as the one month elapsed and Papa lives on.


The fact that papa is aged one hundred and sixteen years does not stop him from evangelizing the word of God. To aid his evangelism, his children favoured 

After that day papa put on a Chosen anniversary t-shirt and slept till about 3am and woke up and started singing praises to the Lord and calling everybody and telling them that he had received his total healing.

Pa Benedict’s Christian life is in line with The Lord’s Chosen three-fold visions which hammer on grassroots revival, revival of the apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ and the revival of heaven’s consciousness in the hearts of believers all over the world.

He embarks on regular evangelism by going for morning and evening cries and preaching the word of God to those that come to visit him at home.

He hates going to church late. On an occasion when his son did not arrive to convey him on time to the church, he was livid with rage and complained very bitterly about it. Such is papa’s commitment to the service and worship of the God of Chosen.

In the month of June, 2013, he was baptized by immersion at the Enugu Headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic revival Movement.

It was actually when he became a Chosen that his children started doing well in their businesses and careers. During a particular Christmas period, papa’s entire compound was filled with cars and he was asking who parked all those cars. He was then told that it was his children that parked them.

His larger society has eventually benefitted from his being a Chosen as government’s presence has begun to be felt in their community. Since his coronation, good things have started to happen. This corroborates bible’s position that the people rejoice when the righteous are in power. Presently, the construction of a new primary school block is going on. There are also water and road projects and other social amenities being provided.

Pa Benedict’s only regret according to him is that he did not become a Chosen when he was young. He knew that The Lord’s Chosen is just eleven years old, but then he had wished that it came at at a time when he would have served God with greater zeal. He said he would have loved to be one of the greatest evangelists in the church if he had been younger.

He uses that opportunity to advise those that are younger and lucky to have The Lord’s Chosen during this time to make the most of the opportunity by plunging themselves into the work of God.

Papa as he is fondly called by his children says that he wishes our General Overseer Pastor Lazarus Muoka to outlive him and possibly live until the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the saints home. Even if God calls me home today, I would be happy. At least, God has been able to prove to people in my community that He is the true God and greater than all their tradition. I wish my G. O Pastor Lazarus Muoka to live older than I have lived and to live until Jesus Christ comes.

He has already made a request for a land to be provided for him so that he will build a Lord’s Chosen church in his village and that request is at present under consideration by the community.

Papa is encouraging everyone in this congregation to hold onto the God of Chosen and become a Chosen indeed. He assures that The Lord’s Chosen is a big family and that whoever continues, will get all he yearns for in life as well as make heaven at last in Jesus name. And he wishes our General overseer and all The Lord’s Chosen pastors and coordinators heaven at last, in Jesus name.

Papa is here thanked God for His goodness and mercy upon his life, his wife who is also a Chosen; his children, grand children and great grand children. Papa is also thanking God for destroying the family idol of his father’s house. Some of his family members have been worshiping this idol and even mentioning his name on the altar of the idol and instigating the idol against him. They usually pour out libations while reporting to the idol that papa as the eldest man the family has refused to build a house for it. They have also been complaining that papa refused to serve the idol and left it under the rain and sun and even refused to contribute his money and resources to anything concerning it. When the matter appeared to be escalating, papa presented the case to God and the shrine caught fire and burnt to ashes.

Papa is also thanking God that his first son who was a member of a renowned Pentecostal church is now a Chosen after he asked the God of Chosen to bring his son to The Lord’s Chosen.

He is thanking God for making him the oldest man in his community and for reconciling him and his kinsmen who ostracized him and his children because he did not offer them alcoholic drinks.

Papa is also thanking God for blessing his children and showering them with money and connection. Papa said that he is very happy because since he became a Chosen, power has changed hands in his family. Papa recorded about ten cars which God of Chosen has given to his children.

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