Clinton Still Has The Desire To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Facilities - Wikileaks

The US Democratic presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton in 2013 believed that joint military action by Israel and the United States might be necessary to stop Iran from expanding its nuclear program, according to the documents released by Wikileaks over the weekend. 

This is coming from the revelation of the Wikileaks documents where Hilary had a conversation with Goldman Sachs Co Lloyd Blankfein after a paid speech to the firm. 

“The option,” Clinton said, was a massive US-led air campaign on nuclear facilities.

“The Israelis, as you know, have looked at this very closely for a number of years,” she said. “The Israelis’ estimate is even if we set their program back for just a couple of years it’s worth doing and whatever their reaction might be is absorbable.”

“That has been up until this recent government, the prior government, their position. But they couldn’t do much damage themselves.”

She suggestion in description to Blankfein for the necessity to produce a 30,000 pound "bunker-buster" bomb that is intended for targeting the Iranian borrowed nuclear facility in the city of Qom. Named the Massive Ordinance Penetrator, the pentagon quickened development at US President Barack Obama's order in 2009.

“It’s a penetrator,” Clinton described. “Because if you can’t get through the hardened covering over these plants into where the centrifuges are you can’t set them back. So you have to be able to drop what is a very large precision-guided weapon.”

Israel requested to purchase those weapons in 2005 but president W. Bush refused, Obama in his time accepted and approved a transfer with the condition that Israel will not make use of it at the moment.

Even though a deal has been struck with Iran without firing a shot, the fact still remains that military action is still can not be put away if anything goes wrong. 

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