The Reason Obama Campaigns For Transgender And push it hard on us - Joan Rivers Never Survived Her Expository Statement

Some us always support the government in whatever they try doing. We have failed to understand presently, many government of the world are now Satan worshippers. They have sole their soul to the devil. Gone are those years when the government did stand for what is good. Today they have gone wild on evil and now they wants to push down to our throat. 

Although this is not coming from them directly, but because they surrendered their soul to the devil, they are totally being controlled by "the lawless one", the Antichrist. They have being given the vision to fulfill. And if they fail, their is always a consequence for their failure. That is why they are bent on achieving their vision come what may, they are ready to take away the lives of any person that would stand on their way. They can kill millions and go away with it. Just take the war in the middle east for instance, it is a sacrifice. Are you surprised or doubting? If you are, then you don't live in this world or you are still a joker. 

The woman that voiced out publicly that michele Obama was a Transgender was Joan Rivers. Her comment to a reporter is still on the internet, you can Google if it you so desire to prove this. Less than a month she voiced it out, she never survived it. She died, or do you think her death was just natural? Never! Michele's real name is Michael. Obama has slipped up in speeches a few times and referred to Michelle as Michael. I am not going to lay all this out for you in need to do your own research.

"In 2014, President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning discrimination against transgender employees of the federal government and its contractors. This gives them the same protection as racial minorities, which is not really justified. But more importantly, it gives transgenderism legitimacy in the public mind. This executive action leads the public to believe that transgenders are an oppressed minority, which is not true.

"So far, President Obama has appointed three transgenders to government positions. He appointed Shannon Price Minter to the President's Commission on White House Fellowships. He appointed Raffi Freedman‐Gurspan as a director of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. And he appointed Amanda Simpson as Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department.

"Obamacare and many other insurance providers must now cover the cost of gender‐reassignment surgery and hormone treatment. Even though these are purely cosmetic procedures, the public will be made to pick up the tab. No explanation was given why insurance should cover something that is not a medical necessity.

"Obama supports a ban on conversion therapy for transgenders. This therapy is simply counselling children to help them become more comfortable with their birth gender. Why would Obama want that to be illegal? There is no political pressure for this. Only a tiny percentage of a tiny percentage of the population has ever been affected by conversion therapy at all. This is not an epidemic that's plaguing our nation. Why an all‐out ban instead of just adjustments to the therapy? This ban only serves the transgender community and no one else.

"President Obama has reinterpreted Title IX to include gender identity, which is a misuse of its original purpose. This reinterpretation is now being used to force educators to allow transgender students to use the restroom and facilities of their choice. This same twisted interpretation is also being used to force Christian schools and churches to compromise their beliefs and to embrace transgenderism.

"President Obama has failed to order an investigation into the fraudulent and abusive practices of the APA and the AMA. The reclassification of gender identity disorder is a complete fraud, and patient screening is virtually non‐existent. This has led to untold suffering by many. A federal investigation should have been called for.

"Obama must be aware of the fact that small children are being sterilized in the name of transgenderism. Anyone with marginal knowledge of the subject knows that. He has done nothing about it. He has therefore given tacit approval to this version of child abuse. Supporting the trans lobby is more important to him than protecting the children.

"President Obama was the first president to invite transgender children to participate in the White House Easter egg hunt. It's a small but symbolic gesture. It is just one more way of trying to promote transgenderism by making it appear normal.

"Why is President Obama doing so much to please the transgender community when there was no political pressure to do so? Caving in on gay marriage made some political sense, because more than 50% of the population supported it. But support for transgenders was minimal and there was little if any political gain to be made by catering to them. At this point he didn't have to worry about re‐election anyway, so what was his motive for supporting transgenderism? There is some unknown influence going on behind the scenes. Somehow, this 0.2% of the population bought themselves a president. (Source

Transgenderism being pushed by Obama is to cripple the strength of every persons standing against evil. In transgenderism or any form of depraved sexual character is to destroy humanity for what God has created it to be. By so doing they make it easy for Satan to rule over man. And this cripples the work of Jesus christ on the cross (His death and resurrection to save man from sin). God is aware of this already and not that He is just folding His hands and doing nothing, He has His time to act and that time is getting closer. Jesus is death and resurrection will still be effective on those that God is determined to save. But the point still remains that, Satan in human flesh must be enthroned before God will fully come to destroy all forms of evil and those involved in. 

"And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: [9] Even him , whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders," 2 Thessalonians 2:8-9 KJV. 


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