Is The Foundation Of Sharia Law Being Laid In America? As Obama Nominates A Muslim To Become A Federal Judge

Is this the beginning of sharia law or what? For Obama to have nominated a Muslim to becoming the first ever federal judge in America, this is strange and has never happened in her history. 

When a nation whose foundation is based mostly on Christianity ends up in allowing a landslide to her foundation, their would be a problem. Others her enemies would take advantage of it and reshape it for their own deadly course. 

America has taken everything for granted since Obama came into power. For America to have voted a Muslim into power as a president, shows that it has it would never remain the same. Its a lesson to other Christian nation. If you don't value your Christian foundation, God would back you and give your nation over to other deadly and terrifying religion. Turkey is an example and America has gone the way of turkey. I smell trouble in no distance time, if you in doubt just hold on, it's a matter of time. 

"Lawyer Abid Qureshi could become the first Muslim federal judge. President Obama nominated Qureshi for an open seat on the federal court in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.


"Having judges who are reflective of the nation as a whole just brings public confidence into our court system," Ruemmler says, explaining the president's thinking about these selections, which require Senate confirmation and are held for life.

American Muslims have served as judges at the state level, but never as a federal judge, says Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy group.

"This is a very, very exciting time, and we are just so thrilled that the president took this step," Khera says of Qureshi's nomination.


"He's a brilliant lawyer," says fellow partner Ruemmler, "but his temperament and his demeanor and his collegiality and just general kindness toward colleagues is legendary." Source

Americans don't seem to understand that a snake does not announce itself or male much noise when intruding into any house. This is getting dangerous day by day in America.

Years gone by, Muslims groups have been penetrating into every arms of government in America and now they have succeeded penetrating into the legal profession, and the purpose of this is really not to become a lawyer, but rather that one of them would become a judge. In the USA, whether it is admitted or not, the fact is that judges essentially function as autocrats. The concept of the “will of the people” is a joke because it does not matter what the people want, even if it is all of them, if a judge deciding the case rules against them. We have turned the legislative branch into simply a more ritualized version of a dictatorship.

The Muslims know this, and their thinking is simple- get a Muslim to become a judge, preferably one with alot of power, and then simply start ruling in favor of Islamic law on cases. This would be a way to institute Shariah Law in the USA without even having to go through the formalities of convincing people, arguing, fighting, and so forth, because if a judge in the USA says it, it is either obey or go to jail and lose all your property and social standing.

Qureshi, born in Pakistan and now a U.S. citizen, graduated from Cornell University and Harvard Law. He has spent his entire career at Latham & Watkins.

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