I Was A False Prophet, A seer And Endowed With A Prophetic Gift - It Was From The Fallen Angels, But Jesus Saved Me In Chosen

Stephen Uzoigwe 
My name is Stephen Uzoigwe from Imo state, Nigeria. I am the only son of my mother. I was born in a white garment church called sabbath. Not only that, I was a priest while there as well. I spent more than twenty seven years. In my time as a priest, we did so many things that is contrary to the word of God but I never knew I was on the wrong path. I thought I was worshipping the true God, unfortunately, it was marine spirit (demon) I was worshipping and praying to. 

I had a gift of seeing vision and prophecies, thus, I can see beyond the physical. I can see your situation when you come to me for prayers. I can know the root of your problem if you come to me for counselling or prayers. I can as well know your past and future, and when I tell you about it, you as well will confirm that I was right. 

Then as a priest I was into smoking of cigarettes, Marijuana, and alcoholism. I didn't care while I was into it. But to me in my understanding, I thought I was just doing the right thing. I never knew I was in error. And if I had died I would have gone to hell fire with my priesthood, vision and prophesying gift. 

What baffles me is that each time I think back about my doings, most of the prayers I was making for people, I received answer to such prayers. Now I have come to realize that it was all deception from Satan to tie me down so that I would end in hell fire. 

In my former life as a priest, I was also keeping dreadlocks hair style. To describe myself the I was then, I see myself then as a mad man. But  while then, I never saw myself like that. Everything was just upside down and opposite the Bible. 

I had materials that I was using for prayers then; I had a staff, white garments, candles, holy water, angel saints, etc. Many of them was used to make prayers to the marine spirit (falling angel which are also known as demons). 

I was practicing this priesthood and prayers to make money. We always perceive those that have money. When we see them, we give them prophesies that will make them to be afraid so that they will come forward for prayers. When they come for prayers, we give them the materials to buy for the prayers. Sometimes I do it in a way that the materials I prophesy to them to buy will be so difficult to get. I do it so that they will drop the money for me to get it. I charge them for like N100,000 (Nigerian currency) at times. But unfortunately, I will not buy those materials, I just keep the money for myself. And when making such prayers, I call upon the names of this falling angels. When they come, instead of deliverance, they will add to that person problem. That's how we go about our business. And the more the problem, the more money we make. And when the person stop dishing out the money, I will just avoid and look for someone else. 

And sometimes, these prophecies are true because they are revealed clearly to me at times. Please note that they are not from the true God, they are from falling angels. 

Then I was suffering from asthma for many years. I tried all I could to cure but no way. As times goes on, I started getting tired of my way of life. I knew I was not having freedom. Even the money I was making never gave me satisfaction. I needed true peace, joy and deliverance.

One day, a brother of mine who happens to be one of my siblings came to my house and started preaching to me about salvation in christ Jesus. I didn't accept it at first, I thought he was a joker because I didn't understand much of what he was talking about. Until he invited me to the Lord's Chosen, the Church where he worships. I ignored the invitation at first. But his confidence about Jesus christ and what Jesus is doing in his church somehow made me to give it a try. He told me that I should just come once and that if I don't like it, then I should seek else where. 

I made up my mind to come to one of their programme in their branch church. The testimonies I heard of what Jesus was doing in there church gave me peace, hope and the believe that if I surrender to Jesus Christ, all will be well. When the pastor of the branch mounted the pulpit and started preaching, at the salvation message, he condemned all the evil I was involved in as sin and that God is not happy with such lifestyle and if I die I would be in hell fire. That was the message that changed my life. I decided to surrender to Jesus Christ. That was how God granted me salvation. After that I started receiving attacks from those falling angels I was worshipping. But I declared who am, "I am Chosen" 3 times and asked the evil spirit, "who are you?" Jesus still saved me from them all. 

I made up my mind to destroy all the demonic materials I was using to serve the falling angels. I had to call the pastor to help me out. He came with his members and they prayed with me and family and burnt all the demonic materials. I was giving a king James Bible. Today I am so happy and joyful for the Lord saving me from this terrible bondage of the devil. 

Another thing is that the Yoke of many years of asthma in my life was broken, God healed me perfectly well and I am no more experiencing the symptoms of the affliction. The God of chosen is so great! 

To my general pastor and all Chosen brethren world wide, I pray you all heaven at last in Jesus name. 

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