How To Unlock Your Wiko Lenny2 Android Through Recovery Mode And How To Boot Into Recovery Mode

This mode is good and may be used when you forgot your password or you want to hard reset your wiko Lenny2 Android 5.1. 
When I was having problem with my wiko Lenny2, when I could not upgrade it when I got upgrade notification. I had to go this way by booting my phone into recovery mode. 

This is how to do it:
Power off your phone of it is on. When it's finally off, Press down the volume up (+) button and then followed by pressing down the power off/on button also. 

When the wiko Lenny2 powers on, remove your hand from the power on/off button and continue pressing down (not taping it, but holding it pressed down) the volume up button. By so doing an android icon with a red triangle shape standing on top the Android icon will appear. 
When you see the Android icon and the red triangle, just immediately remove your hand from the volume button and tap the power on/off button. It would open the recover mode that looks like this below : 
That is what they call 'recovery mode', now to scroll up and down, please make use of the down volume button. In wiko Lenny2, don't use the volume up button to scroll, make use of the volume down button. The volume up is used to activate. 

For you to factory reset, just go down by making use of the volume down button like I said. When you get to 'WIPE DATA /FACTORY RESET', just use the volume up button to activate the 'factory reset' 
After activating it, it would display another platform, scroll down again with the volume down button and click on 'DELETE ALL USER DATA', your phone will start factory resetting. When it's done just click on reboot on the same platform by using the same volume down button and  activate with volume up button. 

That is it you are done. Using this will restore your wiko Lenny2 to how you bought it initially. 
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