The Cheapest: Airtel Has Beaten Down Their Data Prices Call Tariff - Get On The SmartTrybe Plan

Some few months back I posted about a data plan from airtel on getting N500 for 6Gb and N200 for 4Gb. Unfortunately this plan is only mainly on 2g network, it doesn't work with 3g network. The first day I tried it with N500, I regretted it though out that month. But this time around, Airtime has come up with another data plan that suits everyone's plan without exception. No one will deny the fact that the plan is one of the best on all Nigerian network.

This plan has been on for a whole now and I have been enjoying. But I was surprised to see some Airtel users not being aware of this. Therefore am posting this because of them.

This plan comes with N25 for 500Mb and N50 for 1.5Gb, and the time of subscription is from 12am midnight to 5am morning. Before subscribing for it, you have to be on SmartTrybe. I so much love this plan. When I tried it, oh mine it was running like fire. This plan is best suited for those that do some Internet work at night like downloading some files, movies, sports, or even blogging. 

How it works and to subscribe 

Airtel SmartTrybe also offers 11k/s call rate to all network in Nigeria, it actually the cheapest for now I believe. 

SmartTrybe Has Three Benefits To Enjoy If You Opt In which includes;
1. Trybe Special Data: Cheap data bundle and call rates, which gives  you 1GB of data for N500 and it will last you for one week (7 days). 
2. Trybe Night Browsing: You can get 500MB data for N25 (12:00am – 5:00am), 1.5GB for N50 (12:00am-5am), and the good aspect is that you can subscribe over and over again.  
3. Trybe Weekend: Airtel  SmartTryBe Weekend customers enjoy 250 MB with free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers.
To Opt-in For SmartTrybe Package
Just dial *312# 

4. It comes with free connection to Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and Bbm

5. Free 60Mb data monthly and free sms

Activate SmartTrybe Now

1. To activate SmartTrybe, dial *312# and then select 1
2. To subscribe for Airtel 1GB data plan, which cost N500, dial *312# and select 2
3. To subscribe for Airtel Night Browsing, dial *312# and select 3
4. To subscribe for Airtel Trybe Weekend Data Bundle, dial *312# and select 4

Even though Airtel claim this plan is for the youth. What! As for me, I don't think so...even if you are an old man, no one needs high price data in this time of economic downturn. Who no like better thing, abeg jare give me chance make I enjoy my SmartTrybe. 

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