New 4G LTE Network In Nigeria, InterC Is Offering Affordable Data Plans

Hope you know what this is all about? If you don't know, it is an internet service network that just came into Nigeria to provide with a faster internet connection on 4G LTE Network. The company  is called InterC (Intercellular Nigeria Limited), a team of passionate people, driven and committed to delivering true broadband experience to their customers.

Born from the need to truly address the existing gaps in the market, InterC Network was established to provide sustainable quality services through a high capacity 4G LTE network to Nigerians. 

History Of InterC 

Intercellular Nigeria Limited commenced commercial operations as a public company in 1998 after being awarded a National Fixed License in 1996. The company is a now a private company limited by shares trading as InterC Network.

The company has a remarkable heritage as the first private telecom company in Nigeria. To refresh its identity as part of the re-branding process, the company decided to create a new market facing identity InterC Network. The new mark is progressive, innovative and technology driven.

InterC for short as we like to be called, operates with a National Unified Access Service License and is able to provide a complete range of telecommunication services to Nigerians. We serve both business and retail customers with a variety of products that are competitive and help our customers be better at what they do.

Having studied their data plans, it seems that they all customer friendly compared to some others that offer internet services on the 4G LTE platform, I guess if it happens to be it is now, it means many would switch to their services. They are offering free internet for the first month, and 25% off on the second month. InterC 4G LTE 

1. InterC Lite:
InterC Lite is one of our portfolio of products for fairly light users (1.5GB- 4GB), who want high quality internet on the go for their smart mobile devices. For our customers on recurring monthly plans, this product range also gives the flexibility to Top-up if you suddenly run out of data! 

* 1.5GB Plan for N1,400 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
* 4GB for N2,800 (24/7 30 Days)
* 2.5GB for N1,500 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)
* 1GB for N1,000 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)

2. InterC Savvy
InterC Savvy is one of our portfolio of products for medium users (7GB- 25GB), who want high quality internet for mid to heavy duty stuff such as multiple video streaming, long Skype video and teleconference calls, movies etc. It is suitable for in home and also office use for customers who want to be on a fixed recurring monthly plans.

* 7GB for N4,500 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
* 15GB for N7,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
* 25GB for N10,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
* 40GB for N9,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity)
* 25GB for N6,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days validity)

3. InterC Ultra
InterC Ultra is one of our portfolio of products for heavy users (50GB-110 GB), who want high quality internet for heavy duty stuff. It very suitable for multiple users in the office and also for budding techie entrepreneurs. These large fixed capacity users enjoy extra priority for uploads and downloads on the network.

* 50GB for N17,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
* 75GB for N24,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
* 110GB for N35,000 (24/7 60 Days Validity)
* 75GB for N12,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days   Validity).

Their office location is at 

Victoria Island Office
24 Balarabe Musa Street, Victoria Island

222 Aba Road
222 Aba Road, beside Slot. Opp Stanbic IBTC
Port Harcourt Rivers

D line Port Harcourt
2 C Choba Street, Orogbun layout, D line
Port Harcourt Rivers

Wuse 2, Abuja
Plot 552 Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2
Abuja FCT

To get full details visit their websites at


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