Israel Reconciliation Deal Aprproved By Turkish Parliament, Ending Six-year Rift

Ties between two countries hit an all-time low after 2010 raid by Israeli commandos on Gaza-bound Turkish ship. 

Turkey's parliament on Saturday morning approved a deal to normalize ties with Israel after a six-year diplomatic rift between the two regional powers.

The agreement was forwarded to parliament for ratification before the legislative body goes into summer recess later this month.

In June, Turkey and Israel signed a deal to restore their ties which hit an all-time low after the 2010 raid by Israeli commandos on a Gaza-bound Turkish aid ship that left 10 Turks dead.

The text of the agreement submitted to parliament reaffirmed that Israel will pay Turkey $20 million (17.8 million euros) in compensation within 25 days.

The legal case targeting the Israeli commandos who staged the raid will also be dropped.

Israeli cabinet ministers in June approved the deal reached with Turkey, leaving Ankara to make the final ratification step.
But the Turkish government failed to send the deal to parliament because of time pressure created by the failed coup attempt by rogue elements in the military, which Turkey blames on US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Now that the normalization deal has been ratified by parliament, Turkey and Israel will begin the process of exchanging ambassadors to fully restore their diplomatic ties.

Israel had already offered compensation and an apology over the raid but with the agreement it also eased the naval blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, allowing Ankara to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians there.

Previously close relations between Israel and Turkey were downgraded significantly after raid carried out by Israeli commandos.

Both sides have been pushing to complete the deal in recent months, with Israel in search of a potential customer for its offshore gas exports and NATO member Turkey wanting to restore its regional clout, analysts say.

The United States has also pushed for the two countries to resolve the dispute as it seeks cooperation in the fight against extremists from the Islamic State group.

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