I was Troubled By A Spirit Husband That Comes To Mess Me Up Every Night, But Jesus Delivered Me In Chosen

"But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions." Obadiah 1:17.

It's on Eagles wing that God delivers His people from the hands of demons, agents of the devil and spirit husbands.

When the power of God takes over, all other minor power which has come to kill and destroy will bow. It is on this promise that God of the chosen delivered me from the wicked spirit husband that wanted to destroy my marriage.

It happened that I married in the year 2011. At that time I was an orthodox Church member while my husband as a chosen. When I accepted the marriage proposal, my mind was that we Wed in my Church, after which I would continue worshipping in my Church while my husband continues as a chosen. When I sold the idea to my husband, he said over his dead body will he wed in the orthodox Church. I then asked him how we would go about it, he said we should Wed in the court.

When I joined him the year 2011, the hatred i had for the Lord's Chosen as with passion. I gathered all the Lord's Chosen materials in his house including aprons, stickers, banners and CDs and DVDs and hid them inside wardrobe. I was perking my hair, wearing attachments, ear-rings and necklaces. I was attending services in the Lord's chosen but my mind as not there.

Before I got married I was suffering from a demonic spirit husband that always come in my dreams to mess me up. All the same, now after marriage I started experiencing him (spirit husband). I was troubled so much by this spirit husband in my matrimonial home. The demonic Spirit man did not take my siesta. In the night I would not be able to sleep. The spirit man gave me the biggest trouble of my life. It as hell for me in my marriage. I could not sleep at night because of the fear of the spirit husband. I was tormented.

I hid the problem from my husband, but when the problem became so much I had to confide in my husband what I was passing through. I told I needed to go to Onitsha (eastern part of Nigeria) for deliverance. My husband refused and rather told to go to his church for the Thursday counseling and deliverance fellowship. I refused as well. I eventually traveled to Onitsha where I believed I would get my deliverance. When I got to Onitsha, I met with a man I knew that carried out deliverance on me. In the course of my deliverance, the man told me that the spirit husband never wanted me to get Married. Now that I have succeeded in getting married, the evil personality wants to pursue me out of my husband's house and eventually destroy my marriage. He said I should hold on to God or else the spirit husband will destroy my marriage. When I came back to Lagos, I made up my mind that I would have to go to my husband's church for deliverance.

So on a faithful Thursday, I went for the Fellowship of that day at the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement Hq. On my way going the spirit husband appeared to me physically and started troubling me again. I started speaking to him physically that he should leave alone and let me be that after all he has not paid my bride price. He refused to let me go, I told him that God of chosen would deal with him that same day. When the fellowship started, I enjoyed all the testimonies. Then when the pastor started preaching, u was touched and convicted. The salvation of message pointed to all my sins. The pastor made mention of worldliness; perming hair, ear-rings, attachment, etc and decided to surrender all to Jesus; I gave my life to Jesus christ and became serious with God. When the pastor started praying that day, he made mention of my situation and commanded that the spirit husband to get out, immediately the spirit husband vanished and I saw him no more from that same hour.

When I got home that day, I had peace and rest of mind. That same night of that same day, I slept and for the very first time in my life, I slept like a baby. Today I am free from that demonic and wicked spirit husband.

Chosen praise the Lord Jesus!

To my pastor, I pray you heaven at last and to all chosen brethren all over the world, heaven at last in Jesus name.

Sister Azuka Ihenacho
From ijesha, Lagos-Nigeria.

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