I Was Born Again, Went Back To Egypt (Sin), Was Afflicted With HIV 1 And 2 But Jesus Saved And Healed Me In Chosen

"Some years back when I got born again in Christ Jesus at a very young age, I was very zealous, preaching the gospel of Christ in the buses and everywhere I go. But when I got admission into the university, during my first year in the university, everything about me changed; my character, attitude and lifestyle was going contrary to God's word. I dropped my Bible and never bothered about Jesus neither do I fear Him anymore. I started going after beautiful lady's on campus, committing fornication, smoking and all sorts of evil.

After my graduation, and my National youth service corps I started looking for a job, all to no avail. I got frustrated, then somehow I decided to go into teaching. I got a teaching job in a particular Christian school owed by a church, The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement. When I got the job, I was still enjoying sin. 

One day, I started feeling uncomfortable, my health started deteriorating. I decided to go for a medical test, all set and done I was diagnosed of HIV 1 AND 2 POSITVE. My whole world turned upside down, I felt afraid that I was going to die. I started suffering and having the symptoms inside and outside of me. 

I was given some drugs that will sustain me. When I was taking this drug, my principal kept encouraging me to become a Chosen, she never knew I was positive. She was kept on inviting to some of the programmes in The Lord's Chosen. But this time I had no choice, and I came to one of the crusade at Imgbidi, Imo State-Nigeria.

In that crusade, the Pastor's message was powerful. He made mention of all the sins I was committing and condemned them, making me to understand according to the Bible that such lifestyle was sin and that if I don't repent I would die and end up in hell fire. I was convicted and afraid, I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ but I was not healed in that programme. After that programme passed, another programme was fixed titled, "IT IS GOD'S TIME" which was scheduled for Lagos state. I didn't even waist time, I quickly landed in Lagos state for the crusade. 

The first day of the crusade came and passed, I was not Healed and I was troubled. Then the second day of the crusade, I cried to God to heal me of the affliction of HIV, when the pastor was praying, he declared by the word of knowledge that, "you that young man having HIV, I council it in Jesus name, I command that HIV to turn to negative in Jesus name. Now go for test, for you are healed." 

I was scared of going for test, when I eventually did the test, I ran away from the hospital because of fear. Before I left the hospital, I collected the nurse number to enable me get her to send me the result of the test through sms.

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Later from where I was staying, I sent a text message to the nurse to send me the result of the test. She replied with the message, "you are negative." brethren, my joy holds no bound, I was glad, I rejoiced in the Lord, I am very happy. I went to another hospital to carry out another test, it was the same 'negative'. I am no more using the drugs and all the symptoms of HIV is gone. And that is why I came here to give my testimony."

God of the chosen is so great!!! 
Praise the Lord Jesus! 
Brother Chinonso 
Imgbidi Imo State 


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