I Gave My Life To Prostitution, I Collapsed And Heading For Hell But Jesus Showed Me Mercy And Saved Me In Chosen

Sister Chinasa Onu is from Ebonyi State. She joined Chosen in February, 2016. She thanking God for delivering her from the life of prostitution. She lived a horrible life that almost sniffed life out of her, but we thank God for her life today that she has been set free by the power of God through His son Jesus Christ. Below is her story:

"I thank God for my life today of what the Lord has done for me. I never believed that one day I would be standing here before this great congregation to share this wonderful testimony. The true God is here, the message that comes from this pulpit is too much for the devil to handle. 

"I never for once live prostitution and I never joined with a clear mind of my own. I was so frustrated in life because I have no one to help me. Some how, I started nursing the thought of trying to survive anyhow possible that I would not remain here and bring reproach on myself. Thus, I plunged into the life of prostitution. Not be my desire like I said, it's like some kind of a spirit took over me and I entered into it. 

"The life of prostitution was so terrible for me, I did what others could not do. I was just a terror among my colleagues. I fight, and do all sorts of things as a prostitute. Their is no doubt that it was because of such life I was living. I was also a terrible smoker. I smoke cigarette, ganja (cannabis), I also was involved in alcoholism. I was so deep in all these evil, and I couldn't help myself. 

"Another thing is that I believe in existence of God Almighty that created all things. But don't just know how to deal with my pathetic condition. I had a Bible even while I was into that evil lifestyle. I always keep my Bible under my pillow and sometimes when am bored in the room, I would just go through it but all the same, I read without understanding. I had the believe in me that the Bible is the true word of the living God. The funniest part of it is that whenever my colleagues see me reading the Bible, they would think I was mad. To them they would be muttering to me that how could I have Bible? That I was not supposed to be in that hotel, if I was to keep that book (Bible). 
"So one day, I heard an issue with a man, we went into fighting and the man took a bottle, broke it in my head, it gave a deep cut, I collapsed. Everyone around deserted me. But a poor old woman that has been a good friend of mine in that neighbourhood quickly rushed me to the hospital. The doctor stitched my cut in my head. While I was down, and unconscious, I was in a kind of trance like I was dead. My spirit was just lonely and without direction.

"Suddenly I saw a demon, calling me to come to hell. As I was going to hell, another spirit appeared on white apparel, commanded me never to go that I should return to where I as coming from. Immediately my spirit returned back to my body. That was how I regain consciousness. 

"The doctor advised the woman to tell me never to be involved in smoking and drinking. But when I got to my base, I continued smoking and drinking. In the process I became insane and started behaving abnormally. I noticed this in my life because I could not control myself. This time fear came upon me greatly. I ran out quickly got a bike, looking for church to go to meet with a pastor before things got worse. 

"The church that was closer to me was the Lords Chosen. I entered into the church and met with the pastor. The pastor prayed for me immediately and the problem stooped immediately. I got myself, so the pastor ministered to me. I was counseled to attend one of their service. 

"I came for one of their fellowship and heard the message I have never heard in my life. The pastor while preaching condemned every sin one by one by making mention of them. Where as I never told him I was into prostitute, smoking alcoholism or thereabout. After the message, I gave my life to Jesus Christ, that was how God changed my life in Chosen and today, I don't even have appetite, desire, or even thirst for such evil acts again. In fact, I hate it now and will never go into it again. I am free and free forever. 

"Thank you Jesus for saving my soul, I give God the glory in Jesus name. 

To my general pastor and all Chosen world wide, I pray you all heaven at last in Jesus name. 

Sister Chinasa Onu
From Ebonyi State, Nigeria. 


From The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry

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