How to Hide Your Facebook Friend List from Others

One thing you need to know before I proceed is that in Facebook, your friend list is always public in default and it can be seen by anyone.

If you don't like your friend list to be public (seen by anyone) and you want to hide from public, then this post is for you.

Facebook has an inbuilt option for this task and it can be done in minutes. Let’s check it out the steps to do the task on both the desktop and mobile browsers.

Hide Your FB Friend List from Others

Desktop Web Browser

Log into your Facebook account

Navigate to your profile.
Click on the friends option (under profile header) which will show your friend list.
Now, click on the pencil icon at the top right corner.
A drop-down menu will open. In the menu, select “edit privacy” option.

In the pop-up window, you can see a lot of options. Here, you can decide who can see your friend list.
Open the drop-down list besides the “who can see your friend list” option.
Select the option as per your wish. In this instance, I’m choosing the option ”only me”.
The “only me” option makes the friend list completely hidden from others. The “friends” option make it visible to your friends only. By using the “custom” option, you can set a custom privacy for your friend list.
Once you choose the option, click on the “done” button.
That’s it. Your friend list in your FB account is successfully hidden from others.

Mobile Web Browser

Open facebook in your mobile web browser.
Login to your FB account
Click the menu option at the top right.
Now, click on the profile picture.
Click on the friends option.
Besides “friends”, you can see the “public”.
Click on the “public” option.
Now, a popup opens. Click on the “more”.
In the “who should see this”, choose the “only me” option.


Hope all is easy for you folks?

Thanks to technologyhint


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