How To doctor Your Wiko Lenny2 Android 5.1 That Is Always hanging and slow on Internet service

Some Wiko lenny2 android users, whenever their phone is hanging you will see them running after phone engineers to treat their phone, by so doing sometimes they will be charged huge amount of money for it to be done, where as if the phone owners are wise and smart, they can take care of this little problem themselves. Sometimes they think that the cause of phone hanging is virus, not all of it is caused by virus. 

I have a wiko Lenny2 android phone. I have been enjoying it since I bought it last year December. But since last month, my phone has been hanging and it has been frustrating for me. I tried every app cleaner, still, the problem still remain. 
I have much app, including games I downloaded that are very important to me. What I did was I backed up all my application through custom recovery mode. After then, I had no choice but to do factory reset of my phone. Although it was heart breaking but it worth it. After I successfully hard-reset my wiko lenny2, it looks as if I just bought it newly.

After I powered it on, everything became smooth. I re-downloaded some of the app that I needed, and now all the app is working flawlessly without hanging. Even the Internet is working perfectly and faster more that how it was before. 

If your wiko lenny2 is hanging you can follow the procedure below to factory reset it  yourself. 
>>Go to settings and click on it. 
>>scroll down, you will see 'Backup & reset' click on it
>>you will see 'factory data reset', click on it
>>you will see 'RESET PHONE', click on it
>>you will see 'ERASE EVERYTHING', click on it. Just keep your fingers crossed and wait till you are it finished factory reset, it will just power off on it own and power on (reboot). After which, go ahead and enjoy your brand new phone. Because it will look as if you just bought it. 


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