I believe this info is very useful to those who are just newbies when it comes to Android phones. If you have been using Android phone for long, you shouldn't be a movies to this. Many of us live to play around with our Android phones with a handful of useful apps on our phones that keeps us away from boring atmosphere.

But there are times that when we want to get some useful apps on our Android phone and we discover that we are out of data. This time is when we begin to ask colleagues, friends or even relations around us if they have the app you are in need of. This is exactly the time we are going to need a transfer of the app through Bluetooth sharing.

Let's go this way folks, What you need

To make this work much easier for you, you need to have an APK extractor installed on your device. This is a very small, free app that you can download right now from the Play Store

Here is the procedure

After you have downloaded the APK Extractor on your Android phone, launch it. Once it opens you will see list of different apps that you already have in your Android phones. Now go directly to the one you want to transfer through the Bluetooth, click on it for a like two seconds. A pop up menu will appear, remove your index finger from the app you selected it would be marked. Now go to the pop up menu and tap on the share button and after which you tap on the Bluetooth icon. Make sure your Bluetooth is on, also that of the receiver is on and viewable. So when you get the recipient Bluetooth, now send the APK.

Now wait for the Bluetooth receiver to receive the APK file, after you are done, open the APK file and install it. The best thing is that it allows sharing through Bluetooth without Internet connection. That's good for me, hope it good for you too. Because when you are in a situs on whereby you are in a remote area without Internet connections or without data, and you have friends with you that have the same apps which you needed so badly to carry out some work, guess that is when you will appreciate this process.

Get the APK Extractor in advance so that other don't leave you behind

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