Buy and sell Anything Anywhere you are on with Airtel Powered Device With Free Data

Things like this make life easier for the lame man. It is good news for me, let me not refer to you. Or what do you think? 

Here is the detail; The information I got from Airtel Network in one if their tweets on their Twitter account is that they offering her customers a free access to buy and sell on jiji website with free data just like they have been doing on Facebook. That is great I guess! And a good news for those of us that do business on jiji. 

Should you don't know what jiji is, it is a platform through which one can buy or sell used product or even knew product. If you have a kind of product, any product ranging from clothing, kitchen product, electrical, Technology, mobile, name it, if you want to get rid of it on the internet, then that is where jiji comes in. 

How to go about it:
What you will have to do is to have an Airtel Sim network and a smartphone, download the jiji application after which you get started by making use of the jiji app with Airtel. 

To download jiji application click HERE

Take advantage of this great opportunity from Airtel and starting getting rid of all those things you have and that you don't need anymore. 

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