New Zealand Government Plans To Wipe Out The Rat Race In Their Nation.

New Zealand government is preparing to wipe out rat existence in their country. This is because of their abilities to travel, multiply and spread disease have always made rats one of mankind's greatest pests.

On Monday, the Prime Minister John Kerry said that plans are on the way to wipe out every rat race in the South Pacific nation, not only rats, but some other animals like possums and stoats, By the year 2050.

The government is hoping that non-existence of rat will pave way for native birds, including the iconic Kiwi. Many bird species are threatened with extinction because rats and other pests feast on their eggs and compete with them for food.

New Zealand is hoping to build on its success in eradicating rats from several of its smaller islands.

However, some scientists caution the goal, while laudable, will be extremely difficult to achieve in a nation that's similar in size to the United Kingdom.

Speaking from a wildlife sanctuary in Wellington, Key said the goal would require the help of everyone from philanthropists to indigenous Maori tribes.

"This is the most ambitious conservation project attempted anywhere in the world, but we believe if we all work together as a country we can achieve it," he said.

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