I joined the Lords Chosen in 2011. I want to thank God for making my son the best out of the best and also for changing his genotype from SS to AA. When my son was in primary four he was not doing well with his academics. So, I had to employ a private teacher who also gave up on his situation. We started coming to clean the church.

Surprisingly, during his common entrance examination, he came out successfully. Out of twelve thousand students who sat for the examination, 180 passed and my son is one of them. When we went to pay his school fees, we were told that they would conduct medical tests as part of the registration process. Then I became became scared because I know his health status.

I was afraid that because of the situation they could deny him the admission. The week before we were to go for the medical test, God gave me a sign in the dream. I woke up and started singing. We went for the test. When we were to go and collect the result of the test, I was scared, but nevertheless we went. They gave us the result after waiting for a while.

Then I told my son that we won't open it there until we get home. We would hold a vigil on it so that if it was not in our favor God would change it. My son was insisting that we open it, but I refused on our way back home, he insisted again. Then I gave it to him to open it. But before he opened it, I move forward away from him so that I would not se the result. Suddenly, my son exclaimed, "Mummy, I am AA." that was how God changed his genotype from 'SS' to 'AA.'

Praise the Lord!
Sister Gloria Enefu (Mother) and Brother Emmanuel Enefu (Son)

From The Lords Chosen

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