Illuminati Cult Member: I Was Asked To Kill My Parents For Fame, Money And power But Jesus Delivered Me In Chosen

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Revelation 12:10"And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death"

MY Journey Into Illuminati Cult
I was very curious to get some information about the illuminati, because I needed money and fame, I decided to log into their website seeking to get the information but, they said they would not be able to divulge any information about it to me except I fill a form which would make a member, then I could get the information I want.

So I filled their form, supplied in the form was my name, parents name, phone number, my five finger prints. This was done through my smartphone. They also requested for my blood. I have to cut my finger tip to get the blood drop on my smartphone, that is how I was initiated into illuminati cult.

After that day, a man called me through the same mobile number I supplied to them, told me to go to a secrete place where no one would see me, that I should wait for him there. Then I was in Calabar, Nigeria. In that area where I as, their was no secret place. I had to board a canoe across the river to a nearby bush that no one leaves or is present there. I remained on that secret place waiting to see what would happen.

In a short while, I saw a particular bird that flew across me and landed in front of me, and immediately after some seconds, the bird transformed into a human being which happens to be a man. This particular man was from the United States and not Nigeria. The man asked whether I would do whatever am asked to do? I answered in the affirmative. He asked me, who in the world would I like to be like? I made mentioned of a particular artist (musician) in Nigeria because I love music. He told me that he is going to be my mentor for now, I agreed.

Then he asked me again if I would be able to meet the requirement of fame, power and money, I said yes. That was exactly what I needed. He asked that I have to kill my parents. I paused for a while when I heard it. And I told him that I would only submit my father ( I love my mother so much because he has been standing and taking care of me since my childhood). I chose to submit my father because he left me since my childhood, he never bothered to take care of me rather, he left me to suffer. But the man refused, he said I must submit my mother, that if I don't give my mother then I would have to exchange my life for it. After that he left. Beginning from that moment, I started receiving threats from that evil Kingdom. Sometimes they Wil try to cajole me by offering me powers to make it easier for me to submit (kill) my mother but, I rejected them all because of the love I have for my mother.

Last year I came to ikom to visit one of my friend and used the opportunity to seek for a job. Because since I came out from school it has not been easy for me, life has been unbearable for me. My friend tool me to Boki L.G.A and I was working in cocoa farm. Before I knew it, they (illuminati) began to appear to me, threatening that they would kill me. But somehow it looks like God never gave them the chance to kill me. I used be afraid of them at times whenever they appear.

After 2015, I went back to Calabar and there the man appeared to me he is out to see that I make easier without my mother or father requirement. So I bought another cell phone and we began to chat. He told me about Astral world, about first and second heaven. He said if I should go there and make a request the issue of submitting my mother or father will not come up. I decided to try that also because I was looking for money by all means possible. He told me buy a laptop. I got the laptop with the little money I had, and he taught me how to use the laptop and their website. When I logged into their website, they ask me few questions which I answered and this was the same question I answered initially from the first website through which I was initiated. They thought me how to get to the Astral world.

I was given option whether my spirit or body to move into Astral world. I chose the one of the spirit (that my spirit would move out of my body into the Astral world and my body would remain). After making my choice, I was given a particular worldly music that I would use. I downloaded the music on my smartphone. I was told that whoever I want to move I should make use of my earpiece and make sure that I do it alone in my room. So I plugged the earpiece and connected to my phone and as I wanted to listen, the man appeared to me again and told me that as I am moving, whoever that calls me while going into the Astral world I shouldn't listen I should keep moving to my destination. Then as I plugged the earpiece into my ear and was listening to the music, suddenly, my spirit gradually moved out of my body. I saw myself traveling high above the earth. I became very afraid and quickly returned back to my body.

This time again, the man appeared and told me that I shouldn't be afraid. He said I have a choice to make, that if I make the choice to reach where am going I would reach there and if I want to come back, I would come back. He said nothing bad would happen to me. I accepted and plugged in the music again and before I knew it, I started traveling far until I could not see the earth again, all I could see was darkness, nothing like building or material things. I got to a level whereby demons and Beings I presumed to be angels were trying to stop me but I refused. They could not hold me because the man said I have a choice to make, so I made a choice to reach there. I traveled very far and then saw a gate with a lady standing, she asked what I was doing there? I replied her by asking her the same question, this time I was Bold. She said I should leave that am not supposed to be there, I went further and when I got to the second gate. I entered there and saw a woman dressed in white, she was standing with a book, I side the book was written peoples' names. She asked why I was there, I explained to her, she asked me whether I was able to do what I was asked to do? I asked what was asked me to do? She replied me by saying, what I was told to do on earth. I said killing mother? she said yes! I said no, I will not do it. She said that means am not ready, and that the request I would make there was not going to be granted unless I agreed with them and sign there. I said no I will not agree, she sent me back, and I came back here on earth. Some other time I traveled again but they did not allow me to cross the first gate, I had to come back. Then one Tuesday in 2016,i traveled to Boki L.G.A again, though not to my friends place.

How My Girl Friend And Her Pastor Died
Before now, in 2012 when the problem was so much on me. The threats and the evil that has been upon me. I had a girl friend who somehow I confided in her all I as passing through. Then she was attending a particular pentecostal church, she took me to her Pastor and her Pastor in her branch prayed for me. After prayer, I was told to come back the next day. When I went, I got the information that struck my heart that Pastor and my girl friend was dead. I was surprised but I discovered that it was true. So in my house the illuminati appeared to me immediately and warned me that I shouldn't divulge the secret to anyone that if I do, they will kill that person I reveal it to. They told that was the reason they killed the pastor and my girl friend. That was the moment my fear increased and I decided never to confide in anyone or expose it.

How I Was Delivered In Chosen

In that place I traveled to, which is Boki L.G.A, I happen to discover that their was some Christians around that place who worship in a particular ministry called The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry. I was still in my problems and my problem was killing gradually. One day I had a terrible dream where some people wanted to kill me, truth is that I have been experiencing such dreams for a long time but no solution to it. I have tried seeking solution but to no avail. So because of this dreadful dream, I met with a brother from the Lords Chosen and narrated my dream to him but I never told him thay I was an illuminati member. He asked me to follow him to their night vigil that God would deliver me. He said they are serving the true living God and nothing is impossible before him. But this time I had no choice, I made up my mind to follow the brother to their night vigil.

After the vigil, seeing the way they worship and pray, I developed interest in the church. The brother used to tell me that continuation brings freedom. I eventually continued. But all the same I was facing my problem because I was afraid to confess to the pastor what I was into. I kept it to myself and was suffering.

One particular day in the church the pastor was carrying out deliverance for a particular lady who I knew was member of a marine Kingdom (demonic Kingdom in the water), I was aware of who she is because her Kingdom was lesser(under illuminati) to that of the illuminati. Then I started contemplating whether I should expose the cult I was into to the pastor or not. Some how, I started meeting with the pastor and telling him my problems but I never let him know I was into that Kingdom. The pastor kept pressing me I should reveal the kingdom I was into but I kept denying I was involved in any cult. The illuminati became angry with me and in my dream, they beat me terribly and in the physical when I woke up every part of my face was swollen and my body developed serious pains. Because if this experience I became so angry and went straight to the pastor and divulge every secret things that I was into to him. I didn't care whether i die or not.

The pastor now offered deliverance prayer for me. But one thing was that the pastor didn't spend much time praying for me. I was afraid that pastor would die thinking why the pastor will just pray such little prayer for me. I was actually expecting more spiritual exercise from the pastor but I didn't get. I now thought we were going to die all together. But immediately the pastor was leaving, I saw demons following him behind, he was not seeing them. What I noticed was that the demons could not near him to hurt him but they were shooting different kind of arrows at him. When he (pastor) entered his car, they followed him behind as well and continue shooting their arrows. When he left, I concluded in my mind that the pastor would die before the next day. But to my greatest surprise, the pastor was still alive the next day. Even me that used to receive attack in my dreams and physically, the attack ceased. The demons came to torment me that night but could not touch me not because their was this protection on me that hindered the demons from touching me.

Beginning from that moment, I became free from the torment of the illuminati Kingdom. I became more Bold and have confidence in the God of the chosen. Because this evil Kingdom is so powerful that every religion and churches have been captured by them. Their is no place you can go to be delivered. But Jesus delivered me in the lords chosen. Brethren because of this deliverance, I got the confidence to come and testify how the Lord Jesus set me free. The God of chosen is powerful, we are serving the living God here. No matter Jesus power is greater than Satan and illuminati.

Now even the man that used to appeared is no more appearing to me. God has created a boundary between me and them.

I pray for you my Pastor heaven at last all chosen brethren all over the world, heaven at last.

Praise the Lord Jesus!

Brother Joseph Trinity
From Calabar, Nigeria

John 8:36 "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

Luke 10:19. "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."

I plead with you as you have read this testimony, if you are in illuminati and you want to be delivered, come to the Lords chosen. Their is original power of God there. Jesus power is greater than illuminati or any occult power. Jesus is working really good in the lords chosen.
Please make sure you share this testimony with friends, relations, neighbors and all men as the Spirit of the Lord leads. The coming of the Lord Jesus is at hand and the antichrist is already at work.

Here is The Lords Chosen Online TV, click here


  1. my friend, are a liar,..
    you and your church are crooks,..forgery of stories to catch members is wrong ,..keep on the lies,..i hail u

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    3. One thing you should understand is that the testimony is very true. I was there and that is the church where I worship. We have about 3 to 4 testimonies relating to that as well. We also have those Healed of hiv, cancer, diabetes, Staphylococcus, the lame walk the blind sees, the deaf and dumb hear and speak etc. Not only that, a church without true salvation but only miracles is not of is not of God. We have armed robbers, prostitute, murderers, occult men and drug addict etc giving their lives to Jesus in Chosen. To get more of this testimonies go to, and brother if you are involved in any evil come out of there as well. Sometimes it is those involved in one evil thing or the other that always like to antagonize God's good works! Because I don't see the reason why someone that claims to be a Christian will see a testimony like this and antagonize it. Does it mean that Jesus can't deliver one from illumination occult Kingdom? Well if they could say Jesus was possessed of the spirit of devil, then am not surprise at your comment.

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