How To Unlock The Bootloader Of Wiko Lenny2 Android 5.1

Hope you are enjoying the wiko Lenny2 android 5.1? One thing I like about the phone is that, it's so simple to use. Now let get to how to open the bootloader.

How To Open The Bootloader:

1. Now locate the 'SETTINGS' icon of your wiko Lenny 2 and click on it. If you are not yet a developer, scroll down and click on 'ABOUT PHONE', when it opens scroll down again, you will see 'BUILD NUMBER', click on it four good times, it will display a message that says, "you are already a developer."

2. After you are now made a "developer by the android phone, go back to where you saw 'ABOUT PHONE', you will see 'DEVELOPER OPTIONS', click on it after that again chose 'ON', scroll down a bit. You will see 'OEM UNLOCKING', then power it on. There you go, you have unlocked your bootloader.

Hope you enjoyed it, please share for the benefits of those that don't know the simplest way to unlocked their wiko Lenny 2 android bootloader.

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