New Airtel Internet plan for only 2g network: N500 for 6gb+ and N200 for more than 4gb

Have you come to the awareness that Airtel Nigeria has release another Internet package mainly for those using mobile phone that has only 2g (Edge) network. Although those with 3g (H) can as well make use of it but I believe those with 2g network will love it the most because 3g users are very much used to the 3g network.

I tried it and i discover that at first it worked with 3g network for some hours but later, it went off. When I switched to 2g networked it started working again. Whenever I switched 3g network, Airtel will display on my screen that my internet subscription has expired, thus it worked with 2g network only.

How to subscribe to the Airtel 2g plan for 2gb for N200 naira and 6gb for N500 naira

The one of 200 naira last for 14 days while
the one of 500 naira last for 28 days and is about 6gb+

Dial *482# to subscribe for 200 naira for 2gb for 14days
500 naira for 4gb for 1month.

Check balance by dialing *141*7#

Just enjoy, but nothing os more better than 3g network. This is just a plan Airtel wants to use to attract customers.

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