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Brother Henry Obi testified on behalf of his cousin, brother Chukwudi IIroha, who was missing for a period of 13 years and how the God of Chosen restored him back to the family: Read his account:

I thank the Lord for making my family Chosen. I am here to testify on behalf of my brother, ciusin as well,brother Chukwudi. His mother and mine are siblings. He left home since the year 2003, to an unknown place and had been out of contact with the family since then. He had been wondering from place to place.

One day he boarded a bus to move to another location. When their bus got to ijesha bus stop, like he narrated to me, a voice spoke to him, "go down" and when he came down according to him, he saw some people that were shooting apron, the voice spoke to him again to follow them and he would be saved and he obeyed.

The next day was Tuesday, and while the general overseer The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry was praying, he asked the congregation to place their hands on their chest and he did. Then our G.O said, "Their is someone missing; I command him to be found in Jesus name." He said immediately something left him from his body then, he remembered his family. He went to the house we were living before unfortunately then we have moved out there to another area.

So, he remembered his aunty who lives in Agegunle, Lagos, and through her, we were able to be re-connected with him again after that long period of loss of contact. I thank God of Chosen who did wonderful thing for us after 13 years of sorrow.

Chosen praise the Lord Jesus.
Brother Henry Obi

Source is The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry
10, Odofin Park Estate, Oshodi-Apapa Express way,
Ijesha Bus stop,
Lagos, Nigeria.


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