I was born a girl without a private part but at age 27, Jesus christ recreated me in the chosen

"When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. 126:2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them. 126:3 The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad." Psalms 126:1-3

My name is sister Destiny, I have come to thank God for what He did in my life. I want to thank God for breaking the yoke that lasted for about 27 years. In fact, this yoke can only be broken by no other than the God. I reside at Adenuga Street and I worship at Odoh 2, Ikotun. I give God AL the glory who gave me hope when I was hopeless. My condition was the type that my mother gave up on me. But I thank the God of chosen who cannot give up on the needy.

Here comes my testimony:

Sister destiny testifying

When my mother gave birth to me, there was nothing to identify the gender, thus, nothing to prove or show that I am a boy or girl, only a small opening that I was using to pass out urine. I have no private part that a normal girl would have. Because of my predicament, my parents took to different kind of specialists to look into my case, AL to no avail, they at the end got tired.

I grew up with my frustrating and sorry condition to the age of 23, 24. At that age men started asking for my hand in marriage, at that moment I didn't know what to do. I was the most confused and frustrated lady on earth. It was unbearable. The worst part of it is that each time I visit the bathroom to have my bath, I take a glance look at my self and sometimes I would ask myself, "is there God this world?"

Seeking for solution in diverse places

I was perplexed. when I became adult, I started going from one places of worship to the other. I was one of the first to get to every service, crusades and church programmes. I was always at the front seat hoping that at my first coming and at the front sea that God would intervene and heal me, but I got nothing. I also went to a particular church at Ikotun, where they sell anointing oil for healing and miracles. I bought the anointing oil as well hoping that it would bring healing and deliverance, but availed to nothing. I took the chance to go as well from one hospital to another, but all I keep getting was stories and no solution. At the end I got tired. I ended up smoking and drinking heavily, to overcome my troubles but I got nothing.

I decided to look for a job but before that I had started smoking and drinking. When I eventually got a job, a particular man in that same area who happens to be a member of the Lords Chosen church is always troubling me by extending invitation to me to one of their programmes in the church but, I ignored him. He kept persisting and giving me invitation each time they have programme and i kept ignoring him. One thing seemed to make me believe him; the way he talked with confidence of what God can do in their church; the testimonies and deliverance made me to accept his invitation.

However I made up my mind to honor the invitation. When I came to the Lords Chosen, the testimonies, deliverances and the pastors messages made me to seat up. I decided to continue, because the pastor always say that continuation brings freedom." Therefore I continued. In every fellowship of the Lords Chosen, I kept reminding God that I am not a woman, even though I am a woman, but no physical features to show for it. I have no private part, and I kept reminding God.

My siblings (younger ones) were married and I was left behind. All I got was mockery and reproach from them at times. They laugh at me, they see me as nobody. But God said, you can not laugh a chosen. I have this assurance in the chosen that the God of chosen would intervene.

My marriage experience

As time goes on, there was a brother asking my hand in marriage. I was perplexed and started wondering what to do. How could I tell this man that I am not a woman. I kept telling God that I am not a woman that He should intervene. When we were called by the marriage committee in the church for a teaching. We were thought on what marriage is all about. The coordinator told us clearly that we should hide anything from ourselves now before marriage, that the husband should relate everything with wife to and vise versa.
Sister Destiny and her husband in the picture
I met with the marriage coordinator and narrated myordeal to him, he still insist that I should let the brother (husband to be) know about it. As time goes on, I called the brother and narrated everything to him and he said, no problem, their is nothing God of chosen cannot do." We eventually got married. 

My deliverance and recreation.

Every now and then my pastor had been praying and i kept believing. I kept seeing myself in the dream giving birth to maggots, ants, rats, zinc and many other things. Sometimes I would see myself as a normal woman in the dream but physically, I had nothing to show off. My gender was closed up. Sometimes I would see myself again having normal female private part, immediately I woke up I quickly check myself and the condition still remains the same. My coordinator then, kept assuring me that God would do it that the spiritual controls the physical.

2013, In the programme of the Lords Chosen titled, 'ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS', the unbreakable yoke was broken, my pastor prayed and after the programme, the God of the Chosen recreated me and now everything that you will use to identify a true woman physically is made manifest on me now. Brethren, God has recreated me. And he consummated my marriage; now I am pregnant. God has proved that He is the only one that can create and recreate.

God also granted me genuine salvation by breaking the yoke of smoking and alcoholism. God is awesome, and may His name be praised former in Jesus name.

God bless our G.O. I wish my pastor and all chosen ones, heaven at last in Jesus name.

Sister Destiny
Lagos, Nigeria.

Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."

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