A Pastor Enticed Me Into Joining CULT, We Ate Human Beings And Bath With It But Jesus Found Me And Saved Me In Chosen

MY name is Ikeogu Okoronkwo. I am here to testify what God has done for me for delivering me from occult Kingdom.

How I Joined Cult And Our Evil Activity

One of the reason I found myself in such mess was because I needed money at all cost.

It all started when I joined a particular church in Abia State, Nigeria. As I continued worshipping with them, along the line I decided to meet with the pastor of that church to confide in him my financial predicament, after I was done, he told me that he would help me. He later said I should bring some amount of money for him to connect menon what would bring an end to my problem. He first of all took me around the church and his home, showing me all his automobile, and different kind of properties he has including the church itself (the building). He later concluded that all what I have seen came from that place he wants to connect me to. After much said and done he told me that it was a secret society and that if I want to make it and get all what I have seen, that I have to join.

At this time I had no choice, I made up my mind that I had to join. We set a date to be there. When we later made it there I was initiated into the society (Ogboni Society).
After I was initiated, I was told they have three levels or hierarchies that I had just entered level one. I was very curious to know how to get to the top level. I inquired, I was told that when am ready I should let them. I quickly told them I was ready, even though it was out of curiosity. I was charged with some amount of money, but I was angry with them. I told them I was here to make money and you people are collecting the ones I have. They decided to cut it down for me and I paid. **Then I was warned that it is forbidden to give money from the society to any person, I concurred.

I was a girl born without a private part but at 27 years of age, Jesus recreated me in Chosen

However, I was told the what would be done in the ritual, that it was human beings that would be used for the ritual. Then I thought I was the one to get the human; I was told it was the reason they charge me money so that they will pay the guys that would arrange for that. After all said and done, they brought the humans and we're slaughtered like goats. Their body and bones were grinded, the blood taken, but the hearts was separated before grinding it, I was then initiated. During initiation, they cooked the hearts. After cooking, I was ordered to eat the heart which I did. But before I ate it I was afraid and refused, the chief priest shouted that if I don't I will face the consequences. I told them to reduce the size of the hearts, they refused and said it was all made for me as I seek to rise to the top level. I made up my mind, I did eat all; the I initiation was concluded.

The grinded bodies and bones (some of it) was given to me in a small clay-like-pot to be used for incantation every midnight. I was also told never to have sex with any woman three days a week starting from Wednesday to Friday. Ever Thursday midnight, I was told to make incantations; I would bath outside as well and make sure that where I am bathing is not closed but should be open, it is also where I would make the incantation. They gave me every instrument I needed for my incantation including Rings to put in my hand, stomach and private part.

I was endowed with power through all that was given to me. I can communicate with vultures and command them to do something for me, which would be carried out immediately. I can remote control anyone, including police officers. Whenever I am carrying anything that is an exhibit in the road and sight policemen on the road or anywhere, I would quickly make incantations and they will not even bother to look at me or search me, all they would do is to gesture at me to move ahead, meaning I have no problem.

This continued for the past six years but, brethren I have no peace and no rest. My problem started when one day I made an incantation, I don't really know what transpired and beginning from that moment I started having problems. My business in Benue State and Kogi State collapse, I found it difficult to eat. I didn't know what to do, I wasn't comfortable again. I started running around and at the same time seeking help from my colleagues in cult but to no avail.

How the Lord Jesus delivered me and granted me genuine salavtion

Last Thursday ( 8th October, 2015) I visited Lagos to see my occult member in Ikorodu. As I was there, one of my brother called me and said I should endeavor to see him at ijesha. I did not know how he knew that I was in Lagos State. He called and said I should him at ijesha.

When I eventually came to ijesha, I tried reaching him( my brother) on his phone but it was off. At that time it was raining cat and rat so I decided to take shelter under the bridge at ijesha bus stop. While I was there, I was very uncomfortable. It was like something was wrong but to me I could not discern what it was.


But somehow, I started hearing a voice right behind me, just a bit far away. The voice was preaching the gospel, but somehow I was just uncomfortable with the voice. I don't know what got into me that made to start having the desire to go and see who that person was. I was not conversant with that area; however I started making inquiry of how to reach the church where the voice was coming from. Immediately I got into the church, The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry and sat down, the man (the pastor) in question continued and He got to a point that he started condemning so many evil that men are involved in, shouting with boldness that they are all sin and evil in the sight of God, then he made mention of occultism and condemned it out rightly; that was where God arrested me and my conviction started and I became afraid for the first time in my life ever since I was in occultism for the past six years.

While the pastor continue preaching within me, the demon inside of me was telling to leave the place but another spirit was asking me to remain that I should see the way I have been suffering over the years. I decided within me to remain because I needed solution to my problem.

When the pastor was done with preaching and started praying, my body started shivering as if I had cold fever. In the process the power of God hit me like thunder and the evil ring in my private part, hand and stomach was destroyed and I became powerless. That was how I was arrested and I became born again.

As I continue in fellowship with the The Lords Chosen Church, I felt the peace of God all over me inside out. From then I decided to serve the Lord Jesus the rest of my life. Today God has delivered me from that evil Kingdom and as well granted me genuine salvation.

Please if you are there and reading this, never you join any cult no matter the situation or condition. Jesus is real and He is more than able to grant your desire so long it is His will. Jesus loves you and precise their is heaven and hell fire, if you die in evil, you will end up hell fire. But when you give your life to Jesus, you will have eternal life (you make Heaven after death), now and after death.

Chosen praise the Lord Jesus!

I pray for my pastor and all chosen ones, heaven at last.

Brother Ikeogu Okoronkwo

Please friends, unknown, family and brethren, share as the Spirit of the Lords Jesus leads. This is to prove that Jesus Christ is real and has the power to save sinners.


  1. A cult is not the same as the occult. A cult attempts to promise salvation bt twisting some scripture abd maybe even ignoring certain truths. But they always make a condition of acceptance, namely to withdraw from the society you are a part of. The occult accepts the reality of the supernatural while keeping their members from learning truth.

    1. It is a great testimony nonetheless.

  2. they are all the same.....from the pit of hell and satan is their god. thanks for the comment eagleiO


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