The FBI getting closer to hacking any computer system in the world with a warrant

Now FBI, about to be given the ultimate Power to hack any computer in the world with the help of a warrant from US court judge. This new ruling was recently made by a us supreme Court Judge. However, this has attracted opposition from some privacy opposition groups and some tech companies like Google.
Presently, the law change approved by the US Supreme Court, a US judge can issue a search warrant to the FBI to hack any computer within the jurisdiction. Although most civil liberties group are opposing the new rule, saying that it is too much power being bestowed on the FBI.

Now the new rule has now being passed to the Congress which can modify or reject the changes until December 1. But if the Congress decides never to modify or reject it then, it would take effect automatically. We should also note that Congress rarely exercises its powers.

The new rule change has been on since 2013, being advocated for by the US justice department. They refer to it as a little change that was needed to modernise the criminal code for the new digital age.

Technology giants like Google have called the new rule unreasonable for FBI to hack millions of devices with a single warrant. Other privacy groups called it blatant violation of people's constitutional right against search and seizure.

A Justice Department spokesman in favor of the change said that such rule is what is needed to fish out criminals that are using anonymity techniques to hide their identity and that remote searches are sometimes the only way to catch the suspects.



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