Moxi firm coming up with the best bendable smartphone

These days many smartphone companies are doing a lot to make sure that they lead the smartphone companies by coming up with different kinds of smartphone yearly or quarterly.

Today a smart Chinese company it's about to unveil a smartphone that can bend all the way around your wrist. This device produced by moxi group, will feature a flexible touchscreen that still works when bent and worn as a wrist watch or like a hand band, according to the company. It also functions when stretched back to normal position like any other smartphone.

The screen makes use of graphene, the thinnest material in the world that's also strong, light, transparent and flexible. Moxi claimed it has already produced a prototype of the phone and plans to put 100,000 units on sale in China by the end of this year.
For now if the Chinese firm happens to pull this out it would be a great impressive feat of innovation. At the moment, no any other company is known to have brought a fully bendable smartphone to market. The phones it intends to pull out initially will only have black-and-white displays. The company says it's aiming for a full color version, which is more technically challenging to make, by 2018.

This year the bendable smartphone, deigned by the Chinese startup Moxi is planned to be released and sold, but the full colored model isn't expected until 2018. The black and white phones price will be sold at about 5,000 yuan ($760) each in China. Moxi, is based in the city of Chong Qing, and specializes in graphene, released some regular smartphones last year using the material. The company's name is pronounced "mou-she" is short for "graphene" in Chinese.

Giant tech companies like Samsung (SSNLF) and LG (LPL) have also been working on flexible touchscreens and developing products using graphene, according to Nicole Peng, an analyst at the tech research firm Canalys.
Samsung has already tried curved screens that wrap around the device from the front to the sides. LG has its "Flex" phones, which are nearly curved to the shape of your head. They bend a bit, but nowhere near as much as Moxi claims its phone does.

I hope the to get of such model of phone. It's going to be interesting.


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