Location of heart and kidney in the human body
"In 2010, I was diagnosed of Kidney disease. My kidney completely failed. I was on weekly dialysis and had received about twenty pints of blood. I experienced excruciating heart pain while my blood became so weak especially my legs. I suffered greatly.

One day I was giving a magazine of The Lords Chosen Church from which I read of testimonies of how God has been healing people of similar ailments. Then, when I heard of their programme titled, "THAT YOKE MUST BREAK," I decided to come. The same day of the programme, the General Overseer (Pastor Lazarus Muoka) mentioned my case and the Lord visited me. After the programme, I was able to sleep well at night and the swollen legs had drastically gone down because anytime I slept I would always wake up with swollen legs. But yesterday, the story was different. There was no swollen on my legs. Now I am free from all the complications. I can do what I could not do before. I am definitely free from all the symptoms kidney and heart diseases.

Praise the Lord!"
Sister Salome Okoh
Lagos, Nigerian

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