Airtel Customer Service Now On WhatsApp To Resolve Queries

Hope the airtel customers are glad with the news that airtel is now live on WhatsApp. Therefore resolving any issue or problem on your line is now made easy.
The Airtel network does not want to fall behind other networks, they as well wants to take the lead. Having noticed that WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly active users, and with the potential of growing more than that, has now join the que like MTN. This is good news for all her customers.

According to Airtel:

“We are LIVE on WhatsApp. This platform is designed to provide fast and reliable customer service ON THE GO. Kindly add 07010000116,07010000117,07010000118,07010000119 & 07012631111 as a WhatsApp contact.
We’ve got you covered”

Therefore take advantage of it today and save yourself the stress of trying to reach the Airtel customer care through unreachable calls.


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