Having gone through some national news papers and on the Internet, I see and read a lot concerning the uprising of the Fulani herdsman's evil games and the blame game. Although the act of the Fulani's herdsman is despicable but, who are we to blame exactly? Is it Mr President or the Governor of the states where this mayhem is taking place? To me I don't think Mr President is to be blamed that much. I know exactly what virtually everyone of us want, that's for Mr President to make open condemnation of the act by those groups. This I know is yet to be done by PMB. And if he has done it, am yet to to be aware.
Some are even claiming the reason some of the governors are keeping mute and doing nothing is because PMB is a Fulani. If that's true should it now stop the governors for defending their states? This is uncalled for. If that is the them our some of our governors does not understand what it takes to be a governor. It means they are not their to serve the people but are their to paddle their pockets and bank account. Are they afraid of taking action because they might suffer the consequences from the hand of PMB or what are they afraid of? Many question to ask.

If I may ask, what exactly is the work of the governors we have in all these states where this inhuman killings is ongoing? Does it mean that our Constitution is against any governor taking drastic action against those causing menace in their state. So why then leveling such blame on PMB? I don't just understand this country. Some of our governors lack ideas on what to do in cases like this. All they do is to find who to blame . The governors are the chief security officers of their respective states why are they folding their hands and allowing this evil to escalate. If the governors are quiet in their state and allow the indigenous people of their respective states to suffer in the hands of strangers who are bent on occupying their lands, what then do they want the lame man to do?

Our governors should rise and take action over what is happening before the herdsmen ends up in becoming another boko haram. If things like this is taking place in our state and nothing is being done then, every other nation or terrorist group will see us as a weak nation that can do nothing in the face of trouble like this. We should also understand that some of this terrorist group are always looking for every slightest opportunity to occupy any state or nation because they as well does not have rest and are looking for save havens to perpetrate their evil act which is what they know how to do best. Our governors should just stop putting everything on the head of PMB, they as well should start working towards ensuring stability and peace in their respective states, that's why they were made governors. They have all the military, police and other security agency at their disposal, why then waiting for PMB?

Please don't allow any blame game and get to work.

God help us in this country Nigeria.


  1. I really stood by u on this, best post, tribalism is Nigerians next identification, trust me on this.

  2. Yes bro, tribalism is killing Nigeria. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Yes bro, tribalism is killing Nigeria. Thanks for the comment.


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