Kaduna State Governor, Elrufai Is Trying To Resurrect Dead Troubles.

I am so surprised that this particular issue in Kaduna State of Nigeria is still ongoing, that the governor of Kaduna State is bent on initiating a law to license pastors and Muslim clerics. I think this is just a form of silencing our freedom of speech in the nation. This bill is at variance with Section 38 of the 1999 Constitution which presupposes that every Nigerian has a right or freedom of thought, conscience and religion and a right to change religion.

Why is Elrufai so keen on this form of law that will cause mayhem, hatred and religious grievances. What will this kind of law do to us? Will it put food on the table of her citizenry or is will it yield revenue to to Kaduna State. The problem is that many of those in government are still keeping quiet until this bill is passed into law. And when passed into law, it starts giving birth to different kind of troubles.

High points of the bill is below, you can read at least to have idea of what am talking about here;

From Vanguard

*The ministerial committee shall issue licenses to religious bodies.

*Without such licenses, you cannot preach.

*No external preacher can preach in Kaduna without a permit.

*The committee has the power to refuse to issue licenses.

I love the statement of the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Martin's made concerning this issue from leadership website

“One thing we know is that the constitution of the country guarantees freedom of worship.

“If there is any side law that is going to restrict freedom of worship that bill certainly should not see the light of day.

“I hope that the governor and the government of Kaduna state will listen to what the people of the state have to say and will take seriously what they have to say because democracy is about the people and the good of the people and it is necessary for government to listen to what the people have to say and not just ram things down their throat.

“There may be good intentions behind the law, but it is important that in making the law for the people, let the people be able have a say so that the law can be effective in the first instance and will be a just law.’’(NAN)

So the government and the people should stand for what is right and not what will divide the nation or cause religious differences. We should as well remember that we have not finished tackling the Islamic insurgencies and Fulani herds men yet an insensitive individual is trying to resurrect buried troubles.

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