Fingerprints to be tested as ‘currency’(the envisioned payment system using fingerprints authentication)

Perusing through the Internet today I stumbled upon what baffles me as a Christian on the Japanese News Site actually I see it as a sign of the end times just like the Bible prophecies but some might not see it that way considering our beliefs differs. Even though it is wonders of technology which is good and makes life easier and less stressful.
Now what am I talking about here, the news that Japanese government is coming with a test system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints. Do you wonder when this is commencing? it is this summer. I have been hearing this but have been waiting for it to begin. Now the test has come.

The purpose of this is to promote increase in foreign tourists in Japan and as well to use it to prevent crime and relieve users from the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards. It aims to realize the system by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The exercise will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit cards information, at airport and where necessary.

The hotels and Inn law requires foreign tourists to show their passports before they will be allowed to check into such hotels or Inn but this time the government plans to substitute that with fingerprints authentication.

The government is also planning to expand that in the next sprint to reach other areas.

A total of 300 souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and other establishments will participate in the experiment. They are located in areas that are popular among foreign tourists such as Hakone, Kamakura, Yugawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture.

By the end of this month at the earliest, Tokyo-based Aeon Bank will become the first bank in Japan to test a system in which customers will be able to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines using only fingerprints for identification and omitting the use of cash cards.

“The system is also superior in the area of security, such as preventing people from impersonating our customers,” an official from the bank said."

This is going to be interesting for the Christians the more, because they know what is coming.

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