I Worship Demons And Made Use Of Charms For 10 Years, Though I was Going To Church - Jesus Sets Me Free In Chosen

"If the Son (Jesus) therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."
John 8:36.

My name is Peter Ojiagbulu, I came from Edo State, Nigeria. My testimony goes like this. It happened that in February this year, there was a serious argument that led to a big quarrel in the apartment where I live, and I happen to be the care taker of that house.

On my part I was trying to settle the case as the caretaker but the student that started the case refused my mediation. Because of that I went outside to bring an elderly man to come and make peace in that house. Eventually, the man came to that house in the evening to make the peace. I told the neighbours that their would be meeting in the evening, in that evening, we all gathered and one of my neighbours quickly went in and brought colanut and hot drinks as is the case in some communities. We prayed and broke the colanut and ate. After the elderly man mediated in the case, we dismissed and shortly everybody retired to bed for the night.

However, I found out that the cola I ate did not digest. It was hanging in my heart and paining me seriously. I endured it till day break. At day break, the pain continued, fear didn't allow me to tell my wife about it because if I tell her, she might raise alarm and as the eldest son, they (my brothers) might come and kill the man that brought the cola.

I endured it, later I went to a unit in a particular orthodox church, then I took herbal drugs but for about three to five days, their was no improvement, then I went to Ekpoma town and took 'gbogbonise' (herbal liquid drink), yet no solution. Later I went and bought some drugs from dispensary stores popularly called chemist. As I was taking the drugs, I had a little relieve, but immediately I finished taking the drugs, the pains from the cola aggravated.

I was in a dilemma what to do. Eventually I heard a voice that said I should go to the Lords Chosen. Immediately I called my wife and told her about my intention to locate the Lords Chosen, she concurred with me. That day was Saturday, the next day being Sunday we had to go to the Lords Chosen together. My wife had to leave her own church just to accompany me to the Lords Chosen. Because at that moment, we had no choice all we need was an instant solution to my problem, I was dying.

When we got there, I observed every pattern by which they worshipped God, it was very interesting and exciting. It was all round testimonies, I was surprised. The word of God from the pulpit was a life changing one. The pastor preaches as if he was not a human, he condemned every sin to the least of it. After the days service, I attended another service again, it was the same thing, jubilation and striking testimonies.

I started asking myself, when will I give my own testimony. I was troubled. At the time I was having this thought on my own, suddenly I heard a voice that declare, "you have something that you attached on your ignition key, remove it and throw it away." immediately, I didn't waist time, I removed that thing, went outside and disposed it. I returned back to church.

When the pastor of the parish wanted to pray for us, he said people should place their hands on their chest. When he started praying something left my chest immediately and I felt relieved, that alone made me to realise that the Lords Chosen is serving the living God like Israelites of old.

When the Asaba crusade was announced, I was happy. I eventually attended with my wife. While in the crusade ground, I was sleeping and this time, five demons immediately came to me and I realised they are the demons from my shrine that I was serving for my protection from witches and wizards. Then I was putting on the Chosen apron that was anointed by the G.O, when they saw me, they became angry and they made a U-turn and went back. When I woke up, I told my wife the dream. Since that day, I became an enemy to demons and they became enemy to me. I gave my life to Jesus and started serving God as a Chosen member.

Another Crusade was fixed in Lagos which is titled 'THAT YOKE MUST BREAK,' I decided that I would be there. It was in that crusade that the God of Chosen liberated me.

Formerly, when the demons I was serving speak to me, I did here them perfectly well. And when I speak, they do here me well also. But since I abandoned the demons, they have been launching series of attacks against me. But the God that I serve, even the God of Chosen has been protecting me, shielding me from all the fiery darts of the enemies.

Over the years I have been looking for protection, thinking that I have protection in demons and idol worshipping, but today, I have seen the difference and realised their is no protection in idol and demons worship. It is now I have found the ultimate and real protection in Christ Jesus.

When I made an attempt to burn the demonic materials, they revolted and their attack became more severe. I decided to park all of them into a big sack bag and brought the shrine to Lagos from Edo. I did this in other for the man of God to curse it before I burn it.

I am so happy that today I am here because as at yesterday when I was putting them inside the sack bag, they were shooting their arrow on me. I didn't say openly what I wanted to do because the very day I told my wife what I would do to them they went ahead to reinforce, so now I just collected them that yesterday and put in the bag yet, they were still shooting their arrows, I shouted that I am a Chosen three times.

Even to move out of the compound was very hard because the machine I entered troubled me and almost had a knock, but with the help of God, I eventually reached here(Lagos) with them. When we reached here, I kept the bag containing them outside and entered service with my wife and as the pastor prayed in the evening service, the arrow of chest pain giving to me and which also affected my wife was uprooted by God. Brethren, since I joined chosen, my body has been coming back to normal. I have been getting myself gradually now.

At this juncture, G.O mounted the pulpit and cursed the charms and their powers, he commanded their powers to destroyed in Jesus name. Then he declared the blood of Jesus and neutralised their power.

Today, I am free, I am saved and I am now a new man in christ Jesus. God has rolled away all the problems that almost killed me. God of Chosen has started a good work in me and I know He will bring it to a successful end in Jesus name.

N.B: Brethren, immediately I came back from Asaba crusade, God of Chosen gave me two songs "(1) I was lost and my Saviour found me. (2) Marvelous Jehovah, Excellent Jehovah, their is no one greater than Jehovah Lord divine."


I pray for my G.O and all the Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name.

Praise the Lord Jesus!
Brother Peter Ojiagbulu
Edo State, Nigeria.

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