"The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore." Psalm 121:8 KJV.

"I joined the Lords Chosen in september, 2007. On Wednesday morning I boarded a bus heading for Victoria Island, getting to our destination, at a certain point the driver said he was no longer going. He had trans-loaded us into another bus. Unknown to us, this men were ritualists and this was about 10:44am. That stopped by the way side and said they wanted to buy something, from that point I became unconscious. When I did regain consciousness, I realised that I was in wrong hands. A voice called my name and ask me to declare who I am. I declared; I am Chosen! 3 times and asked the evil men, "Who are you?" Suddenly, three men appeared, then the ritual killers took to their hills.

I started running after them, in the process, two men appeared in front of me and asked where I was going to, then not knowing where I was I asked them of my present location. I could guess that one of them was an Hausa man as he called me the was hausa folks call an Igbo person in their mother tongue, "eyariyan." This man asked me which church I worship. I told him it's the Lords Chosen. He said their is God in that church.

Then both of them took me back to the place where I first of all started running away from. They showed me a lady who was killed three days ago and was lying dead with her body parts cut off. They said, "God indeed is alive, if not, this is how you would have been butchered by those men." Then they took me to a place where I would get a bike. As I mounted the bike to appreciate with thanks, they had disappeared. I looked at my phone and seventeen (17) missed calls from my husband.

Brethren I give glory this great God of Chosen. Praise the Lord Jesus."

Sister Joy Peter.

Source is The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry
10, Odofin Park Estate, Oshodi-Apapa Express way,
Ijesha Bus stop,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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