Google to abates the Chrome App Launcher

Have you not heard that Chrome wants to do away with its application launcher beginning from July this year. Just because people are not using it much. I just wonder how they get to conclude on that. I love Google Chrome launcher but, if they feel it would be good for them to scrap it, well, nothing we can do about they know what is best for them and the growth of their business. Chrome apps can still be accessed by clicking the apps shortcut in the bookmarks bar or typing chrome://apps in the omnibox.
"The app launcher makes Chrome apps easy to open outside the browser, but we’ve found that users on Windows, Mac, and Linux prefer to launch their apps from within Chrome. With Chrome’s continued emphasis on simplicity and streamlining browser features, the launcher will be removed from those platforms. It will remain unchanged on Chrome OS.

The removal process will take place over the next several months. Beginning in a few weeks, Chrome will no longer enable the launcher when users first install a Chrome app. Anyone who currently has the launcher will receive a notice informing them that the launcher will be going away. In July, existing instances of the launcher will be removed."

From Mark Marc Pawliger, Engineering Director

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