Why I fathered 10 children for strangers, by gay Facebook sperm donor: Carer says he donated because he wanted to do something to help others

Hmmm......so this guys still end up in need of babies. Why are they just fooling themselves? They are deliberately offending God. They want to suppress the truth and publish their own lies which is satanic, they hate God period.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.. " Romans 1:22

Kenzie Kilpatrick pictured holding his beautiful three-week-old son Tylan
Baby is one of 10 children Mr Kilpatrick has fathered by donating sperm
Inspired to help women have children because of his own upbringing.
Proud father: Kenzie Kilpatrick cradles Tylan, but will not play a major role in his lifeCradling a baby in his arms, Kenzie Kilpatrick looks like any proud new dad.
But although he is the biological father of three-week-old Tylan, it’s unlikely he will be holding him this close again.
For Mr Kilpatrick, who is gay, donated his sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have this baby. The 26-year-old has fathered ten children by nine women in the past 13 months, giving his sperm free of charge to women he met through Facebook.
Mr Kilpatrick said he began donating sperm, mostly to lesbian couples, because he wanted to do something to help others.
His own upbringing means he does not think a man is a necessary ingredient in a happy family. Mr Kilpatrick’s father walked out when he was five, leaving his mother to bring him up on her own.
‘You would see him one year and then you wouldn’t see him for a couple of years. I’ve only now, in my 20s, started speaking to him,’ he said.
‘My mum taught me to shave. My mum taught me to drink a beer. She’s my rock. With the lesbian couples I couldn’t think of anything better than having two mums.
‘My mum has been fab. Women just do a better job – they’ve got it in their blood.’
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