Gay Imam: “Allah does not speak out against homosexuality in the Quran”

Gay Imam: “Allah does not speak out against homosexuality in the Quran”
Gay Imam Ludovic Mohammed Zahed, the founder of an association for gay and lesbian Muslims in Paris, passionately and eloquently defends the right of homosexuals to exist within the Islamic faith.
In a TV interview that was translated by MEMRI, Ludovic Mohammed Zahed, the imam of a gay-friendly French mosque and the founder of an association for gay and lesbian Muslims in Paris, recounted how his family responded to the fact that he is gay, before proceeding to defend his lifestyle in the face of members of his community who believe homosexuality is forbidden in Islam. While the family of Zahed tried to get him to change his sexual orientation at first, in the end, they would accept him for who he is: “This is the way Allah created me. It is not a disease.” His family attended his gay wedding in South Africa and in France; they also had a gay Islamic ceremony: “I believe that it was Allah who created homosexuals.”

He was highly critical of Muslims who cite the story of Lot to say that homosexuality is forbidden in Islam: “We must understand the Quranic verse: ‘And of all things, we create two mates.’ Allah does not speak against homosexuality in the Quran. The people of Lot were murderers, thieves, and liars. Allah speaks about this, not about them practicing homosexuality.”
“Allah knows that homosexuality existed even before the days of Lot,” Zahed emphasized in response to another Muslim preacher who believe that Lot was destroyed because of the sin of homosexuality. “The Quran says that the people of Lot were killers and that they worshipped the goddess Ishtar. Among the people of Lot, there were men who used sex as a form of worship and this is definitely forbidden. But the word homosexuality or deviance is not mentioned in the Quran at all.”

“What do you think about Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, who said that both parties to a homosexual act must be killed,” he asked rhetorically. “Interpol is now after Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi and they want to arrest him, because of his calls to kill homosexuals, Jews, Christians, and so on. Is this true Islam? Homosexuality is not an abomination. Using Islam against the Muslims and against others is the real abomination. That is a great problem in the Arab world.” When asked if he receives threats for his views, Zahed answers that sometimes he does, but that is not the point: “The problem is that the Arab world still believes homosexuality runs counter to Islam. We need to educate people and to do away with this war against minorities, especially against the homosexual minority.”

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