Syria: Isis take turns hacking men to death with a machete for ‘insulting Allah’

Isis terrorists murdered two men in the Syrian city of Homs accusing one of being a spy and the second of insulting god.

A group of more than a dozen men were forced to stand in a semi-circle around the atrocity, which was filmed and then uploaded onto the internet.

The killer, who is not wearing a mask, used a three-foot-long, curved machete with a wooden handle to murder the men.
The first victim, pictured, was accused of working on behalf of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad
The second man, pictured, is murdered by the second executioner after he was accused of ‘insulting God’
A group of more than a dozen men were forced to stand and witness the shocking murders earlier today

The first victim was blindfolded and had his hands tied behind his back and ordered to lean forward by a man with a Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle.

The first victim was accused by Isis of working with Bashar al-Assad’s regime and killed.

The second was murdered minutes later by a different executioner. Again the terrorist brandishing the assault rifle forces the man to lean forward while the killer prepares his blade. The first murderer is seen standing a few feet away

These latest murders come as the International Committee for the Red Cross warned that the humanitarian situation in Syria has deteriorated sharply amid intensified fighting in several parts of the country between government forces and rebel groups, as well as among rival opposition faction.

The ICRC statement came after a two-day visit of the agency’s director, Dominik Stillhart, to the Syrian capital, Damascus, where he met government officials, appealing for more access to areas affected by the fighting, including the violence-torn, besieged Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk.

The camp has been the scene of clashes between local fighters and the Islamic State group since the beginning of April. It was the latest tragedy to engulf the camp’s residents, who have already suffered through a devastating two-year government siege, starvation and disease.
A masked terrorist stood across from the murders, while one man brought a child to witness the scene

About 18,000 people are still in the camp, a built-up area once home to some 160,000 Palestinians and Syrians. The United Nations over the weekend expressed alarm over the continued fighting, along with use of heavy weapons, and airstrikes.

Fighting has also intensified elsewhere in Syria in recent weeks, as rebel advances have pushed out government forces from contested areas in the country’s south and north. Government troops are pushing back.

On Thursday, Syrian government forces and allied fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah group took control from Islamic militant fighters of more areas near the Syrian border town of Assal al-Ward.

Al-Manar TV, affiliated with Hezbollah, said dozens of militants were killed or wounded. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said intense shelling and airstrikes in the area caused casualties on both sides.

Mr Stillhart said: ‘The fighting is escalating in many parts of the country and more and more people are being forced to flee their homes. It is causing untold suffering.’


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