Pope calls “Palestinian” leader Abbas an “angel of peace”

This “angel of peace” last November praised the murderer of a rabbi, saying the killer would go to Paradise as a martyr.
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, eh, Your Holiness?

The Catholic Church has survived a lot of things over the last 2,000 years, and so I would never say it will not survive its current confusion of the aggressor with the victim and cowardice with civility. I would never say that it will not be able to overcome its stupid and self-defeating infatuation with “dialogue” — despite the fact that this “dialogue” has had absolutely zero positive effect in easing the Muslim persecution of Christians worldwide. I would never say it will not be able to overcome its unconscionable aiding and abetting of the genocidal “Palestinian” jihad against Israel. Far be it from me to say that the Church’s willful ignorance and denial about the teachings of the Qur’an and Islam in general are going to result in the deaths of millions of Catholics — deaths that could have been prevented if the Church had had the courage and wisdom to tell its people the truth about the jihad threat and prepare them for what was coming.

No, the Church will survive all this. But there is no doubt that it has entered a dark, stupid era.

“Pope calls Palestinian leader Abbas ‘angel of peace,'”
Reuters, May 16, 2015:

Pope Francis met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday, calling him “an angel of peace”, days after the Vatican announced a treaty that formalized its recognition of the State of Palestine.

The two met for around 20 minutes in the Vatican and are due to meet again on Sunday at a ceremony to canonize two Palestinian saints.

On Wednesday, the Vatican announced it would shortly sign an agreement with the State of Palestine on issues including the status of the Catholic Church in Palestine.

It was the first formal bilateral treaty between the two and confirmed the Holy See’s de facto recognition of the Palestinian state since it was granted the status of a non-member observer state in the United Nations in 2012.

In a statement, the Vatican said Pope Francis and Abbas had spoken about the peace process with Israel and had expressed the hope that direct contacts between Israel and the Palestinians could resume soon.

Pope Francis gave Abbas a medallion representing an angel of peace, telling the Palestinian leader he thought of him “as an angel of peace.”


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