Testimony Of A Former Prostitute

"I was in Nigeria sometime ago and I hail from benin city, Edo State, Nigeria.

As at the time I was in Nigeria, things was so hard for me. It was not easy at all. As a young lady trying to survive then. One day, a well able woman approached me, after seeing my predicament, extended a hand of help for me. She told me that her business is in Burkina Faso, that if I follow her to Burkina Faso my suffering will be over. I thought of this thing and was hoping that my time of suffering was over, but I one thing I never knew was that.......

So, I decided to join her in the next available transport to Burkina Faso. When we got there, brethren, after a while, I was handed over to a particular man over there. To cut the whole story short. Everything turns gloomy for me I started seeing things I never expected. At this point, I found myself in thick darkness of prostitution that I couldn't deliver myself from. When I discover I could not help my terrible situation, I joined with all my heart. It was a horrible situation and condition. As you are reading this, please, to all my brothers and sisters, mostly women, do not give in to anyone that is promising to take you abroad for a good business or job. Be careful, they are scavengers!!!

So, that is how I plunged into the deep darkness of prostitution. Brethren, it was a horrible experience. This evil life continued for bad 8 years. I didn't know what to do. I later advanced to the level of trafficking other girls to Burkina Faso for the same evil business.

One day the General Overseer and Pastor of The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry came to Burkina Faso for a programmed titled, "THERE COMETH ONE MIGHTIER THE ALL." I was actually invited for that programme. I decided to honour the invitation. When I came, I heard testimonies that were so wonderful. During the time the pastor mounted the pulpit to preach, oh my God, the salvation message was heart breaking, undiluted, and very raw. My heart was broken into pieces and with a contrite spirit, I became sober and wept, feeling sorry for the evil I have done all that miserable years of darkness. The pastor condemned prostitution and every other sin on the pulpit without reservation.

Brethren, I truly repented and forsook that evil business. As time goes on, the merciful God of the chosen blessed me with a wonderful chosen husband, who is so loving and caring. He knows about my evil and he counted it not against me, he still went ahead to marry me. After that, the same GOOD Lord, even the God of chosen blessed me with a beautiful baby boy. At some point in time I had nothing doing, no business or job, and I cried unto the same God, and He blessed me with the business am doing right now, this time, it is a good business unlike the former. My Pastor also told me to return all those girls back to there parent or where I brought them from. Now I have returned some of them....i am still in that process as of now.

My beloved brethren, this God of chosen is an awesome God. He brought me out of a horrible pit and established my goings. To you O' Lord, even my saviour Jesus, may your name be highly exalted through the whole EARTH and generations to come in Jesus name."

Sister Udoka
Burkina Faso

The Lords chosen website is, www.thelordschosenworld.org
Address is at, 10, Odofin Park Estate, Off Ijeshatedo Express bus/stop, Oshodi-Apapa Express Road, Lagos-Nigeria.

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