BREAKING: Netanyahu Exposes Major Plot Against Israel… It Includes Obama

Yesterday, the world watched in anticipation as Israel held elections for their Knesset, which determines the make-up of their government and who their prime minister will be.
Although polls showed the elections would be close and Benjamin Netanyahu might lose his position as prime minister, he ultimately prevailed and will likely retain his spot at the head of the Jewish state.

But the results could have been far different if a purported plot backed by foreign money had been more successful in its efforts to sway the elections.

Just over a week ago, Netanyahu warned about “tens of millions of shekels from abroad” that were being spent in Israel to rally Arab and leftist voters, part of an effort to get them out to polls for the sole purpose of voting Netanyahu out of office.

“There is a coalition of both open and secret factors which aims to bring down the Likud government and replace it with a leftist government,” Netanyahu stated, according to WND.

“I’m talking about very large forces … tens of millions of shekels from abroad, consultants and others, to do two things: to mobilize left-wing voters at the ballot box on a much larger scale, and to bring a massive mobilization of Israeli Arabs to the polls,” he added.

The prime minister was referring to a number of groups with ties to and financial backing from U.S. interests, including the State Department.

One such group was known as Victory 2015, or simply V15, which had the defining mission statement of “Anybody but Bibi.”

That group was partnered with others that shared the same goal, such as left-leaning OneVoice, which received hundreds of thousands of dollars in State Department grants, and the Abraham Fund, another U.S.-backed group focused on rallying Arab voters to defeat the conservative Likud Party.


Thankfully, these efforts failed, and Netanyahu survived this foreign (read: Obama administration) effort to topple his government.

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