Spiritualist: Once Born Again, But Blackslidden, Delved Into Spiritism, But I Encountered Greater Power In Christ Jesus While Trying to Search Who Pastor Lazarus Is In The Spiritual.

I am brother Victory Chibueze Chiaka, I hail from Emie, Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria. Many people know me. I have been a spiritualist. When I tell you I am practicing spiritism, you may take it lightly but I know what am talking about and how committed and how deep I went into it. Let me give you an example, I can be here and at the same connect to what is happening in London, America etc. I started from local to international level.

I was born in the Christ Apostolic Church. I began to do the work of God there. I left the ministry thereafter, to establish my own ministry. At a time, a friend came to offer his own opinion to me. He made me to understand that some pastors use diabolical means in other to support their ministries. Naturally, I had the gift of seeing things - a kind of seer. For this reason, I abandoned my church with the junior pastors there and decided to become a spiritualist. I see things beyond the physical and communicate with spirit beings (demons).

Psalms  91:1 "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  91:2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust." 

In the course of my work, some group of people came to me with a Video C.D and asked me whether I heard the rumour going around about the Lords Chosen Church, that they wanted to know whether it is true that the G.O of THE LORDS CHOSEN acquired his power from evil means. Meanwhile, I must say here that since I started practicing my work as a spiritualist, I had never consulted about the Lords Chosen because I didn't have any business with them, they were on their own and myself was on my own until that fateful day that these group of people came.

My job mainly had been with politicians, and some other pastors, people in general. If somebody died for instance and they wanted to know if he/she was killed, I would be consulted and when I bill them, they would pay and buy all the materials I demanded from them for the work and I would consult the spirits through mirror and everything would show there like television, nothing will be hidden. If it is pastors, I would check and the source of the pastor's power would show, in fact, everything about him or her will show, and if he is living in immorality, it will show and also show the person he did it with.

So, back to the visit of people that came to inquire about The Lords Chosen. As they finished making their request, I told them what they would bring for me; ram, goat and others. We bid the fee and I charged them, they brought everything and I swung into action. I put everything in place and started consultation.

Brethren of the Lords Chosen as I consulted, something great and shocking to me happened. Immediately I said to my mirror that I wanted to know about the Lords Chosen, I added, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, appear! People, what I saw was fire that appeared and broke the mirror into pieces. Some people that has been into spiritual consultation would understand what I am explaining better. Once you want to consult on anything at all in this world, as long as the thing is in this world, the mirror will expose it. But in this case it was different, because, instead of the man of God to appear, fire answered me and broke the mirror. What I noticed after the encounter was my clothes that was looking like what gun powder burnt.

I told the people that came to me to inquire that can they see what happened, this shows that the power that the G.O of the Lords Chosen is using is from Almighty God. I told them that he is a real man of God. They were looking at me in amazement. I continued by telling them that you people know me very well, if it is otherwise, I would have told you. Because I have been checking some other pastors and have been getting all information about them without failing.

After that incident, a little while another set of people came to me with the same consultation about the Lords Chosen, so I told them that the G.O's power is from God Almighty but they insisted that I check for them. Then I gave them my bill of two hundred and fifty thousand naira N250,000 (about 715 U.S dollar) and all the things needed for the work. We bidded and agreed on one hundred and eighty thousand naira N180,000 ( about 514 U.S dollar). The same night these people came, some other people came the same night with different kind of geeps and hummer geep for the same request. So, I told them that if I make another consultation and the result remains the same, that my life would be in danger because, some powers that be had warned me not to speak out about the outcome of the previous consultation, that is saying that the Lords Chosen is a church from God. They warned me to keep the matter secret.

So, having explained this, one of them that was an Alhaji insisted that I try again. We prepared everything and I set the mirrors and started making my incantations. This time around, I started calling on both local and international spirits, so that if he (pastor Lazarus Muoka) belongs to anywhere, it would be revealed. As I made my request to the spirits to show me if this man of God belong to anywhere. Chosen people, another fire appeared. This time around, both the mirror inside and outside broke, all the candles went off and fear gripped all of us and we ran away.

People, I tell you, their is a living God in the Lords Chosen. At the time the mirror broke, their was an image I hung up there, which control the air, it fell down and broke too. As this happened, I could not get myself. The men jump into their cars and left, then I was left confused. That night, I didn't know what to do again. That same night I had an encounter in the dream,  the pastor of the Lords chosen appeared to me with two Angels, he was in the middle. One of the Angels called me from distance and said, look at the person you are calling, he is in my hand, to show you that he is with me. The angel instructed me to say out what transpired as I consulted about the G.O of the Lords Chosen. I told him that the evil spirits have warned me never to say or expose what transpired otherwise, they will kill me. The angel of the Lord insisted that I must speak out. Then they departed.

On getting to day break, I started receiving calls from withing and outside the country, they were querrying why i did such consultation, that that invocation I did about that man has spoilt so many things in different places (their kingdoms). They said i must pay dearly for that. So, I pleaded with them and they told me that the only remedy was to keep my mouth shut, never to disclose what happened. As a sign, they shot me an arrow on my heart. I became ill, I went to the hospital and after all the treatment, their was no solution. I knew it was a spiritual attack. In other to appease them, I decided to replace their mirror.

The same day, a stranger came to me with a hummer 'jeep' and called me by my name. I looked at him, I have never met him before in my life. So he confronted me and asked why on earth did I make such deadly consultation to the spirits. He said that they were all seeing  everything that after the first one, they warned me not to speak out and that why did I tell them not to watch those CD's, did I not know that those evil rumours were mainly being used to work against the church? He told me to prepare for my death.

After all these, I became very sickly and was at the point of death and they kept telling me not to open up. Then I told them, how could I keep quiet while am already dying in my sickness, is it not better I open up and get myself than to shut up  and remain in that state. They said it was because of the one I had said already. I pleaded with them to help me out so that I would not die, yet their was nothing they could do.

Then I decided to locate The Lord's Chosen so that I could confess. I had never stepped into this church before. As a matter of fact, I didn't have anything to do with the church or her members. Though I used to see them, but I never knew how powerful their God was. Why I said this is because some churches have had conflicts before and in the course some of their members would come to me to inquire about their pastors and whenever I make consultation, the whole truth about them will appear.

People, let me tell you at this juncture that if you divide churches into ten, only one part is true. You may wonder how I came out with this ratio. I myself was into ministry until I discovered that some people in the ministry was going for such consultation. So, a friend of mine took me to a particular place and I saw what some pastors were doing. Then I got fed up and decided to quit the ministry, leaving it for my junior pastors and decided to go into deep spiritism.

So, as I decided to go into the Lords Chosen to confess in that my sick state, I decided to go to their branch in owerri. On getting into my car, I was attacked spiritually and I started shouting Jesus severally, don't allow me to die, don't allow what they said to come to pass in my life. In that state I ran to a nearby church for the pastor their to pray for me, but the man was afraid and did not pray for me. By God's grace I got myself and decided to go home. On getting home, I switched on my cable and saw the Chosen TV and I saw the pastor (G.O) of Chosen, making declaration sitting down and what he was declaring was that "if you were sick, whether here or overseas, just place your hand in the screen, you will be free." I touched the screen and received the pastors prayer as he prayed. As he did, then I started vomitting, after the vomitting, I went to the toilet to flush it out, a spirit appeared there and asked me, "are you now praying with this man?" well, thank God I got some relief from that vomitting. The same night the spirits were saying they would kill themselves and not me. The next day, I decided to run to lagos. The first vehicle I boarded; I met a man who preached in the bus.  I told him my troubles and asked him where to locate the Lords Chosen Church in Lagos. He told me that he would rather direct me to another church where I would go to receive deliverance and that I should not go to chosen, so that they would amend things in other for the spirits to be appeased, then I would not be troubled again. I collected the address from him.

I took a flight to Lagos, accompanying me were two people who were helping me because I was very sick. I could not drink cold water since the attack started. When I landed in Lagos, I traced the address and their was no solution in all that i was told to do where that man directed me. So, in the night I had another encounter with the G.O of the Lords Chosen with two other Angels in the dream and he said to me, I told you to come and confess what happened so that you can be free (The G.O was in the middle of the two Angels) and you are still roaming about. When i woke up, I decided to come.

As I prepared and came out, because I didn't know my way to the church, I started walking down the road. At a point, I turned back and saw a brother wearing The Lords Chosen apron, he was just their waiting and i met with him asking him that I want to go to his church. He said, "come, this is the vehicle we hired for those who want to attend the programme we are having today." That was how I joined them. I am sure that where ever that brother is sitted, he would see me and remember the incident this morning.

At this point, I would have to make a humble plea for the pastor to pray for me, so that what the spirits said would not come to pass because different kingdoms all over the world are battling me now. By the grace of God their is a level of faith in me sir, I believed that as I have set my feet here, they can't touch my life and the pains and affliction they projected in me will vanish away. The G.O responds through the moderator, "give your life to Jesus and be a chosen, nothing will happen to you." The young man agreed and immediately surrendered to Jesus and became a chosen.

In conclusion, I want you all to believe that their is power of God here and God is here. Having gone through this and knowing who I was before, their is true God here. I want you to believe God, that their is true God in chosen.

Remain blessed in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

Brother Victory Chibueze Chiaka
Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Testimony source is from The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

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