"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. [18] And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation."
2 Corinthians 5:17-18 KJV

My name is Sister Ijeoma Chosen. I came to this church; The Lords Chosen Charismatic REVIVAL Movement first in the year 2004. I didn't continue in fellowship, however last year 2012, I ran back to the Lord Jesus when I came back to the chosen as a backslider.

I am here to thank God for His grace and mercy, for giving me a second chance to be at this Church again. It happened that in the year 2004, I received a handbill from a Chosen evangelist. On my way home, someone whom I didn't know convince me to throw away the handbill. I actually did, but to my greatest surprise, when I got home, I discovered that the handbill was the first thing that I saw when I opened my bag. I picked the handbill and read all the testimonies at the back of it, though I didn't read the address in the handbill so I didn't bother trace the Church.

Nevertheless, within some few days, I ate poison and I was about to die. Eventually, I was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the doctor after proper check up on me, billed me the sum of money too much for me to bear. I had not such amount of money and I was frustrated. I had no other option than to die. So I booked a room in a hotel and lodged there waiting for death to finally knock on my door. I wanted to end my miserable life in that hotel room. But before Mr death could come, I knelt down by the bed side and began to cry. All of a sudden, a man appeared from no where and stood by the door. He said to me, "Sister, wipe away your tears, who told you that you are going to die? Just go to Chosen and God of Chosen will show you mercy."

I managed to go to the Lords Chosen soon after encountering this visitor. As God in His infinite mercy would have it, the pastor mentioned my case and cancelled the poison infection and immediately I was healed. I was happy once more, but immediately I got the healing, I left the Church and went back to the world. This time, I committed lots of evils. I went into much immorality and began to give birth to children out of wedlock. In the process, I sold two of my children at the rate of one hundred thousand naira each. It was terrible; I can't even trace the woman I sold those children to.

Again, I joined hands with a man into 419 (fraud) businesses and worked with him for sometimes. Things were difficult for me and I began to go from one church to another for solution to no avail. I joined a particular church and was one of their chorister, at the same time I was into fornication, make-ups, attachment, extra fingernails, I put on trousers/pants etc. I also moved from one man to another all in search of solution to my problems but to no avail. I was completely devastated and hopeless in this wide world.

But then, one day, I was in the dream, a man appeared to me. He took me to a place and asked me to look into a deep pit. When I did it was awful. In this pit, I saw many general overseers of some churches in the world inside that pit. I also saw the General Overseer of my former Church inside the pit. What I saw was horrible!!!
The man leading me took me again to another place and showed me a Chosen calendar. I realised it was the same church I went initially that God delivered me from my misery before backsliding. The man in that dream told me to go and join them in the Lords Chosen Church. As I was going, in that dream, I met some members of Jehovah witness who told me that there is nothing like rapture. Also in that dream, I ran to the Lords Chosen Church, I didn't see anybody in the church. I was told that rapture had taken place and that everybody had gone to heaven (this was in the dream).

Suddenly, the Pastor of the Lords Chosen
appeared and was shedding tears for me, probably because I missed rapture. I felt pity for myself because of my sinful life style. I began to cry and suddenly woke up from sleep. I became afraid, Immediately, I got up, I went straight to the Lords Chosen Church and reported myself to the God of Chosen. There the Lord had mercy on me, recovered, and revived me. He forgave me of my sins and my devilish heart and cleansed me with the blood of Jesus. Today I am a new being in Christ Jesus. I am no more into immorality, wearing of trousers/pants, earrings, bangles, make-up etc.

During prayer administration, pastor mentioned my case and a python jumped out my body spiritually. I am completely in Christ Jesus. Today I am a Chosen and there is nothing the devil can do about it. For He that is holding me is stronger than the strongest, and devil cannot pluck me out of the Lords hand.

I thank God for our pastor and wish him, his family and the chosen ones heaven at last in Jesus name.

My fathers name from now in is chosen.
Chosen praise the Lord Jesus!
Sister Ijeoma Chosen.

Source: The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

"The God that delivers sinners from sin and as well go ahead to establish them in righteousness is the true God."

.......Pastor Lazarus

Jesus is Lord and the one and only true savior from sin and eternal damnation. 

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