"My name is brother Ifechukwu Eze. I want to thank the God of the Chosen for doing what no man could do for me for the past 18 years of my existence in this adulterous and sinful world.

It happened that I was brought to this church (The Lord Chosen) two days ago by a chosen sister who saw my lying under the rain like a dead man. I am here to thank the God of Chosen for healing me of total blindness which lasted for 18 years. Actually, I was born blind. I had never seen with my eyes since I was born. I had been to many places for healing to no avail. Eventually, my brother brought me to a church at Ikotun axis of Lagos state for solution, but when my money finished, I was sent out.

I had nowhere to go to, I was abandoned on the road under the rain. People thought I was a dead man and gathered around me. I was blind; I could not see them with my naked eyes. But then, I heard a female voice who asked me what happened to me and I told her my story. She nought me food and promised to take me to her church.

The next day, she come and brought me to Chosen. I have never been to this church before. However, I heard everything the pastor was preaching and when he started singing, my eyes suddenly opened. I could see, I saw people for the first time. I started walking towards the pulpit area. My joy was unspeakable. It is for real, I was blind but now I can see. God of Chosen has done or me what no man could do for me.
Chosen praise the Lord Jesus!"
Brother Ifechukwu Eze.

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